The Clock’s Ticking

I’m running out of time.

There are eleven days left to the first Camp NaNo of 2016 and I have completely fallen apart.

I don’t think I burned myself out on writing, I just…don’t have any heart or motivation to write right now. I was doing really good and then as always emotions got in the way — as did work — and I haven’t regained my momentum.

So now I’ve got eleven days to write 18,810 words to hit my 60k goal. Unless I suddenly get my second wind, I’m not going to hit my desired 70k. It bugs me that I won’t reach that probably when I had set my heart on it.

I mean, I still have eleven days, if I tried I could reach it. I did 40k in about a week, so another 30k would be possible. I just don’t know if I can find my motivation with enough time to still hit that 70k.

It is possible, I only work six of the those eleven days now that I’m no longer needed to help out another store. So that’s five days completely free to writing.

It’s doable. I know it is.

But there’s still the problem I’m struggling to come up with the next few chapters. I mean, I have a sort of idea on how they need to work, but I’m also wondering if I forgot to involve a different character. The more I think though — and the more I confuse myself — I come to think I need to leave this character for the next book. Except that screws up the view I thought I had about an outline when I look at things down the line. So I’m really not too sure.

I also think I might be rushing the end of this book a bit. I can fix it in edits, I know, but I feel a little confused on how I’m supposed to be proceeding.

I really need to get working on those planning chapters. I seem to keep getting sidetracked though…

The clock is ticking down to May, so I better light a fire under my ass soon. Or maybe I need to pull an all nighter to work on everything and just grab a Dr. Pepper or Monster the next day. It’s tempting…


4 thoughts on “The Clock’s Ticking

  1. You can do it :) Maybe it’s just like you once told me, breathe, relax, and just go with it and keep writing. I know it’s hard, but just try having fun with it. Add in that character now, and, like you said, edit them in later. Don’t rush the end of your book, just revel and enjoy the process until you find your place and groove again :) you can do it.


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