Work Roadblock Behind, Full Steam Ahead

It’s been three days of me not writing a single word.

Wait, let me rephrase that:

It’s been three days of me not writing a single word for my NaNo novel.

I did get my Wednesday Words flash fiction bit written and up on both my blog here and on Wattpad, so I did do some writing. It’s not like I’ve been completely lazy. I had another writing related thing I took care of yesterday. I just…haven’t worked on the novel.

And I know that’s due to a few reasons.

The first of those reasons being work. Tuesday and Wednesday I had the early afternoon to close shifts and I hate them. I get absolutely nothing done on those days. I’m not a morning person so I’m really not up early enough to be starting much and getting invested for a couple hours. Plus I always have to make sure I eat and have my shower and be ready. So really those days are shot to hell. Nothing gets done unless I am up past midnight the night before and doing whatever.

Which, normally I am, but I was tired this time around and I was focused on other things, so I didn’t get into it or I knew I’d never sleep.

The other reason is I’ve come to the point in the novel where I’ve run out of planned chapters. I said this on Tuesday as well. The chapter I’m on is actually being combined with the next one in my notes because it’s too short on its own. So once I finish this chapter, I have to make sure I’m planned out further.

Not a big issue, except for the fact I haven’t sat down with a chance to plan some new chapters out. Well, actually, I had time at work on Wednesday because I had literally nothing to do the whole long and boring shift. Except, I didn’t have my tentative outline with me or anything to work off of to plan out the next few chapters. So I couldn’t do it then. Then I spent Tuesday night writing the flash fiction and getting that up instead. And Wednesday night I turned in for bed way early for once because I had to be up early for work Thursday. (Back to back shifts like that suck.) And after work yesterday I was side tracked and doing a few other things, then had to get this written before bed.

So I really haven’t had much time the past few days. I could have done some writing anyways, yes, but these few work days just haven’t worked out very well on the scale of energy for home.

Hopefully after work today I will have some time to sit down and plan out chapters because I have the weekend free and off to write like crazy and get another 10k down. I also learned the end of the month isn’t going to be as bad as expected for work because I’m no longer needed to help out another store. Which means three days off I would have originally had to work! I can get even more written then!

(I mentioned I’m aiming for 70k for the whole month, right?)

Yes, I know, those excuses are just that: excuses. And probably lame ones at that, but I again don’t want to burn myself out when it’s only two weeks into NaNo now. I will get myself going again this weekend and be set once more though.

And hopefully I have no more computer scares like I did yesterday night, and my characters decide to listen to me again jumping back into the chapter. I’m not betting on them listening though.

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