New Goals, Planning Ahead, and Difficult Characters

40,131… Forty thousand, one hundred and thirty-one… Forty thousand words…

Ho-ly. Shit.

Are those numbers for real? I’ve written 40k for Camp NaNo in eleven days? (More like eight because I did not write for three days this month.)

I am on a roll!

I wish I knew what my secret was for this month so I could do it all the time. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’m going to figure that out. Be nice if I did though.

So, my goal has gone from 30k to 50k and now up to 60k in less than two weeks of NaNo. Seriously, why can’t I do this all the time? I have finished one chapter, and completed two more full chapters since April started. I’m about half way through the next chapter as well, maybe a little farther. So far about 83 pages have been added to my rough draft.

Now NaNo is going great in word count and pushing forward, but my characters are loving to toy with me in Chapter 18 right now. First of all I ended up combining two summaries I had written into one chapter because the first one was going to be way too short on its own. They go together as well anyways so it just makes sense to put them together. But not one character wants to listen right now.

The last chapter ended with something that was supposed to happen the beginning of Chapter 18 where I was today. This one wasn’t too big a deal as it went better in the end of the last chapter. But Chapter 18… Nothing has gone right as it was supposed to of.

The characters didn’t end up where they were supposed to start. A feat that was supposed to go fully in my protagonist’s favor has gone completely out of control and not at all in her favor. Which has now led to having to push her hand with another character which then led to something I wasn’t sure I wanted to happen yet. But it’s happened now, and I’m sort of undecided if it’s a good thing or not…

I’ll have to wait and see on that one. Hopefully that got her back on track though for the scene to go in her favor so I can work to finishing the chapter.

As soon as I finish this chapter though I am out of outlined chapters, so I need to start working on the next few so I’m not writing totally blind. The next one is going to be introducing a new character finally I believe, and his introduction starts to really roll the book along further towards the end. Except… I’m half wondering if this ending is coming rather quick.

I know, I know. The flow and pace can be fixed in edits and such, now I just need to get the book written.

On the same page as running out of planned chapters, every single one of my original summaries and outlines for the chapters I’ve done this month have little blue sticky notes attached to the pages with the words “redo summary”. I told you the characters are not listening to me this go around. More than one of them have other sticky notes on them as well for notes, and there’s a tone of [NOTES LIKE THIS] strewn through my Word doc.

You know, when I take all these notes to myself out of the Word doc, it’s probably going to drop me a good couple thousand words. Oh well, again, that’s for edits. I really need to start figuring out some character’s names too. Right now I’ve got three nameless cousins, a nameless father, and many other nameless family members and authority figures.

But I’m writing!

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