Word Count: Goals, Hopes, and Insanity

I’m not sure if it’s just the maddened excitement of NaNo, or if it’s my excitement of getting closer and closer to finishing this book that has me writing like crazy. Or maybe it’s me setting more personal, higher goals than what my actual goal for one day is.

Whatever it is! It’s definitely working!

It is day eight of NaNo and I am sitting at a lovely 23,007 words. I have finished two chapters already, and I believe added about 40 pages onto my manuscript. (I’ve done all that in a matter of five days too, actually. Two days I was sick and didn’t get any writing done, and today I have not started writing just yet.)

I’m not getting too much written on the days I work, maybe about 2k if I’m lucky and depending on the hours I’m working — I get more written if I work morning then I do working the afternoon to night shift, and most of my shifts are the latter one — but my days off so far have been goals of 5k or more each, and so far I am sticking to that.

I have already calculated that if I do 5k on my days off for the rest of the month, that will in itself be another 40k added to my story. On top of the 1 or 2k I manage on the days I work. Plus the 23k I already have written. That is a LOT of words.

It’s exciting though, to think of adding that many words to my manuscript this month.

Wednesday night when I hit 20k, I looked at my original goal of 30k and did a little squeal of excitement. Yes, I was two-thirds of the way to goal already. But that wasn’t what I was squealing about. I was grinning and squeaking like a happy mouse because I went and bumped that goal up to 50k now. That was my original plan: to get close to 30k and bump it up. My 30k was if I couldn’t get my ass really moving to write, but I seemed to have lit my own fire this time and I’m just running with it as I add fuel to the flames.

So now, yes, I am aiming for the full 50k words. If I get close enough to that within two weeks (I very well could if I keep this rate up) then I am even going to bump it to 60k one last time.

Even crazier, there’s a tiny part of me that is whispering to go for 70k words for the whole month. I’m nuts, right? I’m totally nuts. I don’t think I’m going to actually set that goal in stone. I think 60k is as high as I’ll go officially, but I would really love to hit 70k.

Like I said, if I do 5k or more on my days off, that’s another 40k or more added on its own. That alone bumps me to 63k in all, and that’s if I don’t write at all on the days I work, and if I write no more than 5k. Which, I’m not doing that, I’m trying to write every day, and I always seem to get more than 5k. So if I keep myself to that personal goal, and write every day, if even just a thousand words, I will well surpass 70k.

Now the bigger question is this:

Will I burn myself out doing that? Or, will I run out of story?

If I run out of story doing that I would be ecstatic, because it means I finally would have completed Book 1 of this series. The very first full length novel I’ll have ever written. I’ve done short stores no problem, but I’ve never accomplished a full novel yet. This will be huge for me.

The possibility of burning myself out writing that much is rather plausible, but I’m hoping the excitement of getting closer and closer to the Epilogue of this book will keep me going instead. Same with thinking it means I can move on to planning and writing Book 2.

Yeah… I am really hoping for that 70k now. I guess I better get writing again.


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