Sick Days, Disobeying Characters, and Plot Detours

So day two and three of Camp NaNo were total busts for me. And I mean Complete. Busts.

I came home from work Saturday evening feeling like death warmed over, again. Just as I had back in February, I was running a fever, achy, cold, shivering, my throat felt like it had a permanent lump lodged in it… It was not fun. Thankfully, unlike February, I managed to kick this bug or whatever it was within a day. I slept off and on the entire evening into morning.

Waking up around 2am I found I was starting to feel better. Fever was gone, I was now hot from being cocooned in blankets, and my throat no longer hurt. The aches were gone — minus sore muscles from running a couple days before — and I wasn’t shivering. Still, I slept the rest of the night and spent all of Sunday just taking it easy.

Since I was feeling better, I could have gotten some writing done, but instead I did paperwork and organizing because it did need done as well.

Luckily I had Sunday and yesterday off so I didn’t have to worry about work.

So Saturday and Sunday were wasted away on writing for Camp, but yesterday I plunged headlong back in and hashed out another 6.2k for the day. Of my original goal of 30k, I’m under 2k away from being half way there, and it’s only April 5th. I’m willing to bet by Wednesday night I will be bumping that goal to 50k. If this keeps up for me too, I might be bumping it to 60k by the end of the week. I would love that.

I have now realized that my novel is over 200 pages long on Word and as of yesterday’s word count, I have now surpassed one hundred thousand words. And I think I’m about half way through the novel, roughly. This worries me, but that’s not what I’m here to talk about today. I’ve been on about that issue before here, and someone once gave me advice that I will not forget now in doubting myself in the length.

With my spurt of writing today, I believe I have finished Chapter 15. I think. You see, what happened is my villain doesn’t like to listen to me at all. (What villain does, right?) She was supposed to butt out of this chapter and not show her face until Chapter 16.

Did she listen?

Of course not!

I get towards the end of the chapter and what does she do? She plops her butt into the chapter and starts talking to my protagonist, completely uninvited I might add. Yelling at her to “don’t you dare” and “go away” fell on deaf ears as well, she still showed up. And because of her little input, she spawned a plot bunny that I believe is turning into an additional chapter now before what I had planned next.

Now, I say I think I finished Chapter 15 because I wasn’t quite sure this plot point she spawned was going to be enough for a chapter all its own, so I just began continuing Chapter 15 with it. As I’m going along though, I’m finding this might be a bit longer than anticipated with both scenes in one chapter, so I might end up breaking them up anyways. Which then means Chapter 15 is done and I’m now on the new Chapter 16.

I can’t be too mad at my villain though. (Never thought I’d hear myself say that.) She did manage to allow something that would tie into what was coming next in the story to beef up that chapter a little on the interesting scale in the start. So I suppose this short detour had a purpose…

Maybe that’s why she decided to show her face, er, voice, in Chapter 15 when she wasn’t supposed to. Maybe she was telling me she needed this for Chapter 16 — which is probably now Chapter 17 — to work right. It wouldn’t surprise me, she is a manipulative bitch. (Hopefully she didn’t hear that. Then again, I’m sure she’d agree with that statement.)

I was on another roll with what she gave to me though, so I’m not complaining now. Other than still muttering she doesn’t listen to me. I had originally planned for a personal goal of 5k for yesterday, because of her interference role, I did an extra 1.2k. Definitely can’t complain about that. Now I’ve just got to see where it all takes me and keep plugging along as I’m going great so far.

My fingers are crossed it stays this way.

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