The Descent to Madness Begins!

Or is it ascent for me?

Well, either way:

Hello Camp, Goodbye Sanity!!

camp nano 2016 participant

Camp NaNoWriMo for April has begun!

I started writing last night as soon as midnight hit and got in 3.5k words before I turned into dreamland at about 4:15am. I had already requested the day off from work so I knew I wouldn’t have to worry about being exhausted or sleeping in. Plus, I wanted to get a head start in word count for the day, and boy have I!

In addition to that 3.5k, I have added another 3.7k this afternoon into evening. I am now sitting at a lovely cushion of 7.2k words written for the first day of NaNo.

My goal is 30k…

I’m going to need to bump that up pretty soon already.

Right now my stats are telling me at this rate, I will finish on April 5, 2016.

Errr… That’s four days away. If I actually make that in four days, then I need to make my goal triple of 30k. Or maybe go for 100k. *Pauses* Yeah, no, I’m not that crazy. I mean, I’m crazy for sure, but not…that crazy.


However, I do have a really easy work week next week. I have five days off. (Do not ask me how I managed that because I do not have the faintest clue in hell how I got five days off work next week.) But it will be nice and I will need it, considering the last two to three weeks of April are going to be a nightmare with work.

Managers on vacation, a lot of people needing days off — and worst timing ever, another store needs help. Again. Because they had a manager quit. Again. I’m starting to see a pattern in this, and I have no choice but to go help that store out. So I have to make up for what will be lost time now while I have the chance. I will probably simply shoot for 50k as my goal for the month so I don’t end up screwing myself with work. But I would love more!


Did I mention Mercury goes Retrograde at the end of April, too? Double whammy between work and that, so I better make goal and verify a few days early before the universe decides to give me the middle finger.

Anyways, I’m off to a great start for NaNo. I finished Chapter 14 of Fated to Darkness last night, though I think it needs a little work and it’s a tad short for my liking. There’s some things I can expand on though. Now I’m on to Chapter 15 and, by the Gods! This chapter has rolled perfectly in my hands! I don’t know what inspiration perfection struck me, but I have written a beautifully terrifying and powerful scene that I am so proud of.


I even accidentally led myself into fixing a problem from last Camp NaNo. You see, I had gotten off track on ending a chapter and in order to get back where my character was supposed to be, I had to create a filler chapter to smash her hope again. Originally, I thought the chapter was crap and I was going to have to cut it in edits and redo the end of the chapter before it even though I didn’t want to, but now I don’t!

The scene I am on that’s coming from the terrifying and powerful bit actually completely and unintentionally made that entire filler back-on-track chapter crucial and packing a punch. Now I just totally have to edit and polish said crap chapter to make it better instead of cutting it completely, which makes me happy because I loved where the chapter before it had ended that caused me to add this filler chapter.

I am so excited!

I love when my little twisted mind gives me these surprises. Especially these big and helpful surprises that make everything fall into place.

Yes, Camp NaNo is definitely off to an amazing start for the month, and I can only hope it gets better from here on out. And because I’m in such a great mood for this, I’m even going to share the amazingly terrifying beautifully powerful scene I wrote, as it’s going to become the snippet I add to the Camp site under the “About” section for my book.

Enjoy! :)

This is coming from Chapter 15 of Fated to Darkness, Book 1 of the Dark Heir series.

Avoiding the two other children there she walked to the swing set and sank down on one, wrapping her hands around the cold chains and reminding herself of the dark dungeons and shackled iron around her wrists so many times. Numbly, she pushed off the ground and let herself swing slowly, her mind wandering back to more unpleasant memories. Her toes just barely scuffed the dirt beneath her, causing her mind to flash back even more. A room where the chains dangled from the ceiling. Her hands trailed up along the swing’s chain, following her hands with her eyes, imagining the cold iron suspending her by her wrists. The pull in her shoulders, the numb arms, the metal digging into her soft skin.

She could almost picture it and feel it at the same time. Her feet scuffed the dirt again and this time she imagined her bare toes barely managing to graze against the cold stone floor. She remembered the fear, and the pain. Agony ripping through her with a curse, the hot blade of a knife taken from the fire pressed against her delicate flesh. The burns, the cuts, the bruises.

Beg for no mercy…

She could hear the words of Ciara being whispered on the wind and she closed her eyes, leaving her arms above her and holding onto the swing’s chains, stretching upwards and tilting her head back slightly against the sun that couldn’t warm or soften her hardened heart.

A joyous laugh from one of the playing children pulled her out of the memories and back into the present.

Heather opened her eyes again and looked towards the children. Her lips quirked down darkly seeing their smiling faces and bright eyes as they dashed around, the father chasing them around pretending to be a dinosaur. His arms up like T-Rex and stomping around in confused circles. She could tell he was pretending, even though the kids were squealing in pathetic fear and joy for his antics.

“Gotcha!” the father growled out in a deep playful voice as he suddenly lunged and scooped up the boy in his arms, spinning around. The boy squealed and laughed at the father’s faked deep chortle of victory. The girl also gave a squeal of excitement, trying to hide behind one of the slides.

“Now where’s your sister?” the father continued on, faking his voice to be deeper yet like a monster.

“No, daddy! Not Wendy!” The boy laughed rather high pitched yet.

Catching sight of the hiding sister, the father playfully slung the boy up onto his shoulder as they were both small enough yet and gave another victorious chortle, starting the lumbering stomp after her with one arm outstretched to grab her, the other holding his son on his shoulder.

“Run, Wendy! Run for your life!” he joked, and she squealed, laughing as she started running circles around the slides.

By now, Heather was sneering in hatred as she watched them, almost wanting to curse them for their amusement. They took it for granted. They took the carefree attitude and fun for granted, not knowing the horrible people out there, the existence of another world and of witches. They were closed off to it all, and for that they were naive. She couldn’t stand to watch the display, bitterness raging inside of her. She never had had that kind of connection with her father, and now she never would.

If she couldn’t have it, why should anyone else?

Forgetting Ciara’s number one rule for a moment, Heather began to let her hand fall from the chain and lower towards the happy family. The father had finally caught up to the daughter after faking following and intercepting her as she came around, swooping her into his free arm and slinging her up over his shoulder too. The kids were laughing as he spun, imitating the dinosaur’s deep voice again in victory.

She sneered at them, eyes narrowed and lip curled from the hatred residing in her heart. She could feel the cold trail of the magic winding down her arm, hardly even thinking about the curse this time. It was gathering, at the ready to be flung and make contact with their smiling faces. It would turn those giggles into screams and–



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