Creeping Closer

The first session of Camp NaNoWriMo is only three days away…

I’m so not ready.

Well, maybe a bit ready.

I’m definitely not ready.

I know what I’m working on for the month. I know my goal and how I’ll stretch that goal if I get close to it. I know where I’m at in the story and I have a couple chapters planned ahead yet.

Of course, once I get close to the end of those chapters I’ll have to draw up some more on where things are headed, but I have the general idea.

I have the next two days off to get myself fully sorted for Camp, and I also managed to get the first day of Camp off from work to get myself a head start on writing. As I learned yesterday, I’m going to need it come the last two months of April because it seems managers are once more going on long vacations for two weeks, which means more stress and more hours and less time to write.

Go figure.

So I suppose I better get my head start and write like mad at the beginning of month so I’m not struggling to stay afloat towards the end of the month. Fingers crossed that actually goes to plan.

The two days off means another list to do and getting myself set because I will not have any time on Thursday with work to be ready for Friday.

It’s so close now. So close. I’m getting really excited, and nervous.

Camp NaNo, here I come! Ready or not!

(Mainly not.)


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