Lists and Progress

This week has been a series of big ups and downs for me. It started off decent enough, and now it’s just gone way downhill.

Remember me saying last Friday I was going to have four days off to tackle a ginormous to do list? Turns out I had 29 items listed on that list, by Wednesday when I went back to work I had gotten it down to four items left.

(Though when I write lists I tend to go into small break down details. Or I’ll add really minor things so that I don’t forget them. For instance, I added one item that read “take papers down to recycle”. That literally takes a whole three minutes to do, so it’s really minor, but I would more than likely forget it if I didn’t write it down. In the spectrum of breaking things down, I sort of list steps or break them into parts so it doesn’t look so daunting. One of the things I had to do was set up my Sunday Snippet posts through part of May so I don’t have to worry about them during Camp. Well, I didn’t just write “set up Sunday Snippets”, I broke it down into three items: set up Sunday Snippets for rest of March, set up Sunday Snippets for April, set up Sunday Snippet for May 1st. See? Less daunting.)

Anyways, of those four things I had left, one had unforeseen circumstances come up to prevent it from happening, another I resolved could be done later in the week because I had nowhere to put it anyways once it was done early, a third I could do after work on Wednesday, and the last was one I just didn’t get to.

Overall I’d say I did pretty good then.

Except, that one item for after work Wednesday didn’t happen when things began going downhill fast, and I have yet to accomplish the one item I didn’t get to because of that downhill motion too. So I’ve kind of come to a grinding halt, again.

I did manage to finally be caught up on all my journal entries that should have been done last month before I got royally sick. I also finally got some Sunday Snippets printed from here for Rivers of Black because I want to re-edit it and the snippets I shared held a few changes I want to keep. However, editing that story was supposed to be my focus for March and you can guess that didn’t go as planned at all now.

I’ve still got a week left to March to work on it, but I should be focusing on being ready for Camp then. Which means I’m making up another list of things to do. So I’m thinking editing might come back around in May. Maybe. Hopefully. Plus there’s more that has popped up on the I-need-to-do-this-before-Camp scale now…

Yeah, it looks like I’m making another list before work today.

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