Plans Hitched

I am cutting this post extremely close to the midnight deadline of Friday tonight, and I am so blaming work for that. You see, today was supposed to be my first day off of a period of five, after working seven days straight.

Supposed to be.

At 9:45 this morning, I was rudely awakened by my phone going off on vibrate. I was trying to catch up on sleep after only getting an hour of Z’s the night before, and not going to bed until 4am as well last night. (I know, I’m a idiot night owl.) But there’s my phone buzzing off the hook, and at first, this was my initial reaction:


Who the hell was bothering me now at that hour? The only people I know and talk to knew I was going to try to catch up on sleep this morning.


Oh who cares, it was just a text, they could wait. So I rolled back over, got all settled once more to fall back asleep for another hour…or two…

*Buzz! Buzz!*

And after the fourth buzzing, I knew it was no longer a text, but someone was calling me. And there was only one person, or place, that would be calling me at that time in the morning. So, naturally, I’m starting to swear rather violently into my pillow.


Finally I grabbed the phone to stare at the dreaded word “work” on the caller ID. My first urge was to just let it go to voicemail.


And then I remembered that I screwed up the past few times they needed me and my phone was off or dead. (Can you tell I don’t use my cell phone often?) So begrudgingly after the next insistent buzz, I answered the phone with a groggy hello and am asked to come into work to pick up a cashier shift until four because the morning cashier called off and there was literally no one else they could call but me.

And what do I tell them?

Well, my first answer was can I see if I have a ride, to buy me some time to contemplate saying no since I did have plans today. Twenty minutes later I’m calling them back and telling them I’ll be in to work the shift. Go figure.

So my five days off has turned into four days off after working eight days straight and I am still so exhausted. I had plans, plans that were now bumped back a day and nearly screwed over as well, plans that are now going to force me to be up late yet again instead of catching up on the sleep I had interrupted this morning. And plans that had initially meant doing this post when I woke up this morning.

Four days off is still decent, yes, I do realize that. But my to do list is also growing endlessly and I really wish I had today to be able to cross off the two things I had wanted to get done today, maybe three.

I had it all planned out as well. It was going to go: read a chapter, schedule a Snippet post for the rest of this month and April with Camp coming up, read a chapter, schedule a post, etc etc. And I thought about throwing the laundry in that mix afterwards, if not a few other minor things. I was even going to resign myself to staying away from Wattpad for the day. What I had wanted to read throughout the whole day to break up its boring drone is now going to have to be hurriedly read late into the night, and I won’t get to sleep in tomorrow either. No snippet posts were scheduled, and no laundry was washed. Nothing was crossed off that endless to do list.

Now I’m not quite sure how the rest of my four days is going to go. Though I do know that phone is getting turned off pretty soon for I need these days off to get things done. Once I go back to work Wednesday, I work until Easter, and if I don’t get these things done before Wednesday it is going to be a it’s-not-going-to-happen-then moment.

These four days are going to be crucial to me. Crucial as in I either get caught up and ready for the holiday, or I will be even further behind. Because, don’t forget, Camp NaNo starts in exactly two weeks, so I am running out of time quickly to be caught up so I don’t have to focus on anything but writing in April.

So here’s praying the rest of my plans go as planned and things run smoothly, because I do not have time for anymore hitches. Wish me luck, and a put a good word in for me to the universe so it actually listens and plays nice this time. It’d be quite helpful…


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