Dreams and Writing

How many of you out there have had a vivid dream that turned into this amazing plot and storyline?

Probably a lot of you.

Our imagination loves to brew up crazy ideas and scenarios in our heads while we dream. The tricky part is remembering them when we wake up so we can use them.

Although, the other tricky part is making sense of whatever the hell we dreamed.

I seem to have both problems.

That could be partly due to the fact I try to analyze my own dreams, for I know they always mean something. Even if that meaning is jumbled and unclear at first. Some dreams turn out more vivid than others, some dreams I hardly remember as my alarm clock goes off and startles me out of it. And others… Others have become stuck in my head.

Lately, for reasons unknown yet, I seem to be getting a lot of dreams that I’m considering nightmares. Why? I really don’t know, and I’m not too sure what they all mean just yet. These dreams are happening to be the ones I do remember, at least parts of them. A stolen word here, a flash of images here, an emotion there. The dream catcher hanging above my bed isn’t helping this time either, though I do believe that’s due to needing to clear the negative energy from it.

Now, while none of these dreams I’m having are turning into plot bunnies or ideas. Wait, let me rephrase again. One whacky one could very well turn into a plot bunny or storyline, seeing as I was somehow my own character… But the rest aren’t going to help in any plotting.

Still, it can’t hurt to write down the dreams in a dream journal, and then who knows? Maybe one day you’ll flip through that and find a new bunny popping out at you from something old and long forgotten.

I guess I’m just really wondering how many of you out there incorporate your dream ideas into something awesome. Or how many of you have come up with your baby stories based on dreams.

I know some of my plots and storylines have come from some crazy dreams, and others have just bloomed and bred up in my mind with the plot bunny factory. I wonder if the crazy dream ideas are really just the plot bunnies getting high off something at night and hallucinating.

Actually, that sounds like a very viable reason for the dream ideas!

Someone must have slipped some PCP into their carrots for the whacky out-of-this-world dreams I get. I don’t think they went easy on the drugs either with me.

Of course, it seems that the ideas that come from dreams seem just…

dream idea

Get what I mean? I think I’m going to blame the hallucinating, drugged up plot bunnies for these ones…


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