Planning Ahead

I am really bad at planning ahead.

Okay, wait, let me rephrase that: I am quite capable of planning ahead, I do it a lot. In fact, I planned out how my entire year was going to go goal wise and writing wise. What I’m really bad at is seeming to stick to that.

Either I underestimate how much time I actually have or how long something really is going to take me, or I just overbook myself.

Really, none of this planning is me piling too much on at once, I spread things out. It’s just getting behind or getting distracted is a problem for catching up. If I stay on track and things go my way without any hitches I’m perfectly fine. However, very rarely does life not throw a wrench at me. And since most of my work days I don’t get anything done until I come home late at night, and sometimes I don’t even get anything done then now because I can’t, it’s beginning to be a struggle for the days off. My days off don’t normally go much better when people don’t get the hint of ‘go away and leave me alone’, but…

I don’t know, the idea of either starting to drink more coffee and energy drinks to be pulling all  nighters to get caught up is starting to sound like my only option. Either that or faking my own kidnapping so I can finally get some real peace and quiet that won’t be interrupted. (Now there’s a plot bunny!)

I’m going off on a tangent! What I really meant in the planning ahead spectrum today was Camp NaNo.

Yes, I am already thinking about. I have been, for weeks now.

And yes, as soon as I got the email a few days ago about it, I made a happy little squeal and went to sign up my book and get myself into a cabin already. The same cabin I’ve been in for three runs of NaNo now, and it is a great one. Lots of encouragement, lots of laughs, lots of s’mores and drinks, lots of juicy tidbits and ‘doh!’ moments that we come across while writing. The cabins are the best part about Camp I think. Well, other than writing and watching your story grow bigger and bigger, and seeing that little graphic chart reflect how far you’re getting, creeping up on your goal.

That’s the real kicker for motivation along with the friends cheering you on. Well, that and the deadline. I need deadlines to work, and not deadlines I set myself, I tend to break those. I need deadlines that I can’t change and people aren’t going to let me back out of. I don’t get many of those though.

So Camp NaNo is going to quickly roll around, and I’m already sitting here doing an excited little dance because I simply cannot wait. (Can you tell I got addicted to NaNo? I blame you, P.T.) The book is already set up with a goal of 31k, or 1k a day, since there’s 31 days to April. If I manage that and start to get close to that goal before the end of the month, I am going to up the goal to 50k like I did in last year’s July Camp.

I’m really hoping I can hit that 50k goal again, because that’s another 50k closer to finishing the novel. And I reaaaaaally want to finish this novel this year.

Although, I seem to have run myself into a dilemma that I can’t remember if I wrote into the scrabbled outline of this book. I mean, I’m pretty sure I included this character, but I can’t quite remember where her entrance is yet, I have to go back and look. I know it’s not just yet, but I think it’s coming soon.

When it comes to planning ahead for NaNo, I think I have no problems whatsoever though. It’s just too exciting and fun. (Which means, yes, I am taking the first day of April off from work, that request is going in today and my boss already knows I’m a total addict to Camp.) There isn’t too much planning I have to do either this time around since the novel I’m working on is already going steadily. I might just have to plan ahead a few more chapters and get some things sorted and I am fully ready to roll. Now I’m just anxiously awaiting that first day of April to begin the plunge into madness. I can’t wait.

Especially since I believe I got two other friends addicted to the NaNo months and they might be joining me. I’m starting to see a pattern in this…


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