March Goals

Okay, maybe before I get into that I should start by saying how February’s goals went, and, well…

They didn’t go so much as planned.

I started off really good! I was writing consistently, I kept up with my Wednesday Words flash fictions, I was on track with the camping entries, and I had my doctor appointment scheduled.

And then everything just got shot to hell in the last week and a half of February. Now I’m behind and rather…discouraged.

You see, first it was the weather that screwed me and ended up cancelling my doctor’s appointment that I couldn’t get rescheduled until March. Now I know this one isn’t such a big deal, it’s not a big set back, but it just makes me hate that nothing seems to ever go right for me. And left me thinking “why do I bother?” again.

Then I got pretty sick and it sapped away all my energy and will to do anything. Work stress wasn’t helping matters either and I just didn’t get anything done at all for the last week and a half.

Which means now I’m behind…

I didn’t finish out the camping entries I was supposed to have done by the end of last week, I still have two to finish because of it. I ended up not getting anymore writing done, though I did keep up with the flash fiction prompts. I don’t even have my snippet posts set up for March yet.

Overall, February just turned into a bust towards the end.

But March… March is a new month and maybe I’ll get things back on track. Maybe.

So what are my goals for March then? Since I had everything so carefully planned out at the beginning of the year when I wrote things out to get my thoughts in order — and so far isn’t going much to plan.

Well, the original goals of March were to get that stupid piece of paper that states I can start to legally learn to drive. Then I wanted to be ready for Camp NaNo in April — yes, I am already thinking about it. I’ve been thinking about it. I also want to re-edit Rivers of Black and re-release that onto the Wattpad world. And now because I didn’t finish up things from February, I have two journal entries to finish as well.

It doesn’t seem like too much, right?

I’ve got a decent first week of March with days off from work — finally, thankfully, I really needed the break. Hopefully that means I will get my butt going again and get back on track. But so far I haven’t gotten much done on my first day off when I have other obligations. Hopefully my next two days off will be better and I will get more caught up.

If I can, I plan to finish off the two camping entries tomorrow and Thursday, as well as one of two other things. Tomorrow is also Wednesday though so that means flash fiction piece to write, though.

So I guess I will see how this month goes. Here’s to hoping I pull things back together and get back on track. And stay on track this time around.

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