Grinding to a Halt

That pretty much sums up how things have been going for me since a week ago.

Between work and other things going on last week I had no time to do anything, then I ended up sick a day later and got screwed over even more on that piling to do list I have.

It wouldn’t have been too much of an issue because I was better by my last lucky day off to recover that I could have done some things, and I knew I was getting off work early enough today that I could have gotten things done, and then…

Then everything just came to a sliding halt and those plans were screwed over as well. Another road block came slamming down in my way.

My room has once more become a cluttered mess and I’ve fallen far behind on the roll I had going before all this happened. I can’t even do anything about it right now or it’s just going to cause more stress and tempers than it’s worth.

I really had been on a roll, too…

I was keeping up with my camping journal schedule I set myself for the overdo entries I had to write. I was hashing out a few thousand words a week at my novel. The desk was staying organized. I was crossing things off the to do list. I was in good shape because I was actually finding myself with some spare time.

And now one week of mishap and I’m five miles behind with no idea when I’ll have peace and solitude to get back to what I need to do. It probably means I’m not going to keep up with my timeline of what I wanted done this month.