One for the Memories

storyteller banner

Alright, so this isn’t going to be my standard writing related blog post. I am going off on a completely unrelated topic tonight. (Actually, if I really wanted to, I could turn this into a half related writing post…)

Anyways, on Wednesday, I had the chance to go to my first concert ever, courtesy of a Christmas/birthday gift from my dad. (I only say birthday because the concert fell right around my birthday.)

I went to see my favorite country artist, maybe one of my favorite artists period, Carrie Underwood!

I will admit, I own every single one of her CDs and know the lyrics to just about every song she has ever written. (This is where I could turn this into half related to writing. Remember my post about music and writing?)

I digress though. It was truly a night to remember, for more than one reason. A night out with cousins, dinner and a concert — an amazing concert at that — and lots of singing and laughing. Needless to say I sang along to every song she performed.

Carrie is one rather great performer — in my opinion at least, I don’t want to hear smash talk back on this post if you don’t like her. She has the voice even without all the audio tuning studies do nowadays, and she has the heart and passion for what she writes to really make the songs come alive. Her songs don’t just go on about some girl or heartbreak, her songs actually go into so many more topics. Being a mother, growing up, losing someone, love, heartbreak, betrayal, little town drama, family, and so much more.

As her tour is called, The Storyteller Tour, her songs really do tell a story. More than your standard girl meets boy, fall in love, tragedy and break up happens. No, not every song is like that of hers and that is one reason I love her songs. She puts so much emotion and heart into these stories that she tells in song.

A tug at the heartstrings. The bursting joy. A tender love and touch. Betrayal and anger…

Her songs have so many layers to them that they become their own story, their own song. It is like I said in that Music Musings post of mine ages ago: song and story alone have their own amazing qualities, but putting them together makes them that much more incredible, that much more powerful. Carrie has a way of achieving both of those together in her own sort of song and dance with the words and tune.

There are so many of her songs that are not just black and white. They are not standard. They are unique and I believe that is what makes her so successful, along with her voice, heart, and passion for what she does.

Not many artists can do this to me, but she is one of the few that have the ability with her songs to move me to pure joy, to wanting to scream, to breaking down into tears. Each of which her songs have brought me to. For someone to achieve that, if even with a few, they are doing something right, and they are doing it with their full heart and soul. It’s the same with authors as it is with singers and songwriters.

I believe an achievement like that is something to be proud of, something not everyone can claim they have managed with their fans or readers. I believe that is something to be respected as well.

As if they have a gift of touching people’s hearts and lives.