What’s in a Name?

Here’s something that just about all authors either hate or love. Okay, maybe it’s more like a love-hate relationship with it. Like a see-saw, back and forth, up and down…

I have the love-hate relationship with names.

I hate trying to come up with the perfect names for characters, places, creatures, chapters, novels, series…

Naming is a real bitch.

It’ll make us curse and ponder and leave a [FATHER’S NAME] note in the story because you still haven’t decided on the best name for the character. Which, that is really one of my predicaments. I know the mother’s name, know the daughter’s name (Goddess I better know since she’s one of the main characters and I’m 89k into the story already), but I haven’t figured out the father’s name yet.

Naming is tricky though. Especially in fantasy stories.

You have to find a name that suits the character’s personality and is something unique for the story. Which, for fantasy that can mean making up your own names and twisting other names around to come up with something you love. I find the first names aren’t the hardest, it’s the last names I’m struggling with at the moment. And, well, there are some characters that still need a first name. Thankfully, those characters haven’t been introduced in the book. Yet. They will be soon though.

It’s a headache in the beginning, trying to find the right names or create your own. You sometimes have to wait for the character to reveal the name for you. For that split second of inspiration that springs the name on you while you’re in the middle of a shower and you can’t write it down. Or you sit and spend hours sifting through the internet and rearranging letters, only to still not find that one eureka name.

But when you do finally find that perfect name, it’s a celebration and you become excited like it’s your sweet 16 birthday all over again. At least I do. (Not that I had a sweet 16…)

The problem is just finding that name…

Lately, that seems to be what my mind is wandering down often when I find myself daydreaming: trying to come up with names.

Part of it is me suddenly on a creature creation kick. Why I don’t know, but I am. There’s a couple ideas for them kicking around in my head. Ideas that I’m not quite sure what they are forming just yet. Though some of them are forming up to be quite interesting.

Every time I’m getting a new idea, a new name, I’m pulling up the notes in my iPhone and jotting it down because I know I won’t remember it.

Naming when it comes to writing feels like a battle. A battle that doesn’t always seem to go in my favor.

Which, no one better look at my browser history or someone is going to think I’m looking up baby, Celtic, mythical, and villain names because I’m having a kid. Ha! Yeah, no. I’m writing a book, people.