Gone But Never Forgotten

So I had no idea what to write about for this post at first. Then at work I got a slight idea on what to write, at least, until I heard some bad news…

Now my heart is not in writing anything at the moment, but my commitment to not miss a post has me writing my heartache out.

Earlier today, I learned that a horse farm I used to work at had a barn fire at 3am last night. The two horses inside perished. Both of these horses I knew and loved; one a kind, abused ex racehorse, and another a spirited and slightly tempered chestnut. Despite their backgrounds and personalities both horses were great steeds and my heart hurts to learn that they both died in the fire.

It hurts worse to know that the cause of the barn fire is still unknown. It hurts worse knowing I used to work with those horses, and I came to care for them, thinking of them as horses of my own as I always have with every horse I’ve ever worked with.

Now I am left sitting here heartbroken and devastated, with no idea on what to write other than my sorrows with a song stuck in my head over the tragedy. A song that does not help the waterworks.

As an author, I know this heartbreak and tragedy provides more insight in writing, more depth of emotion to any tragedy I may come to write, but that doesn’t help to quell the hurt inside over the loss of these two horses.

As a horse lover and addict, I wish there was something I could do for them, for the owner as well. I can only imagine her devastation to lose two babies; as to every horse owner, our horses are our babies, our children. I wish to write my condolences to her, but I know it will be small in comparison to the hurt inside over the loss.

So for this sudden tragedy, I light a candle in honor of these two horses, Ben and Bobby.  You may now be Far From Home, but you are forever in the home of our hearts. Rest in peace, babies, you will be greatly missed.

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