That Nerve-Racking Moment When…

…you click the “publish” button on something new you are releasing to the world.

Granted, this is only me publishing something small to Wattpad. Not anything big like a novel to Amazon or Smashwords or B&N. But in my books, hitting that little publish button is nerve-racking no matter how small or big the story and site.

Technically though, I’ve already hit the publish button on this story before.

Right here. On my blog.

You see, for a while, I had been tossing up the idea of publishing my flash fiction pieces from my Wednesday posts here into a collection book on Wattpad. My reasoning for this was partly so that I hold myself accountable for keeping up with this one flash fiction piece a week goal to write consistently, and also because, I really haven’t posted anything new to Wattpad in over a year.

I’ve spent my time writing, of course. But I just haven’t posted anything new to the site. Probably because I hate to share and publish something that is unedited and unfinished. It makes me cringe too much that I’m not putting my best work out there.

(Which is part of the reason I’m re-editing Rivers of Black, and debating on taking down A Chance Encounter from Wattpad. Romance is just not my forte.)

But with these small flash fiction pieces that are no more than a thousand words, I figured, what the hell, why not? I need to start updating and maybe this will help that goal out of writing consistently. And learning from experience: the more you post on Wattpad, and regularly I might add, the more attention it seems to bring to you.

So this really had more than one reason for happening, I just finally got around to it.

With that being said, call this blog post a self promotion of sorts. Although, many who follow me here have already seen the Wednesday Words flash fiction pieces I am coming up with — and I will continue to post them here as well — but that doesn’t mean you can’t hop on over to my profile on Wattpad and check it out anyways!

Those little star voting buttons really mean a lot to an author on that site, as do comments, or even shares!

And don’t forget, I have more to offer than just this collection on Wattpad, so why not take a hop over and see what I have to offer?

Shards of Imagination Cover Final

Cover made by @_teenagers on Wattpad

Genres: Short Story, and everything in between

Flash! Magic in the night!

Flash! Deserted time!

Flash! A fairy’s purpose!

Flash! Hallucinations are reality!

Flash! The Gates of Hell open!

An ever-growing collection of short flash fiction pieces from all sorts of genres and topics with no rhyme or reason other than explosions of inspiration creating Shards of Imagination.


Abandonment is inevitable.

Desolation is the end.

What was once beautiful and grand in its prime now falls to shambles. A ghost of a once happy time. Weeds grow wild where wildflowers were once tamed. Stonework crumbles to pile of misshapen rubble. Long forgotten toys are kidnapped by the fierceness of nature, allowing nothing to stand untouched in its reclaimed lands.

The winds and forces of nature beat mercilessly upon the battered structure. Wearing it down stone by stone, section by section. Grime and dirt splatter its once pristine colors. Vines and ivy crawl up its walls, obscuring the home from passersby.

-Shard Two: Time is Enemy

Now available on Wattpad!