Plugging Along

So I seem to have started to find a groove.

Well, a sort of groove.

Half a groove.

It’s more like I was finally managing to cross some things off my never-ending to do list. Things that have been sitting on it for awhile. Like getting up the Short Stories page here on my blog, and making the new cover for Book 1 in the Dark Heir Chronicles being as I changed the title of it.

Then there was also a couple things that weren’t on the to do list for very long. Like getting set up to post my Wednesday Words flash fiction pieces I post here onto Wattpad as well. All I’m waiting on there to finish it off is receiving the cover I requested. I didn’t attempt to make myself one this time because I knew what I had in mind was not going to work out with my minor skills.

The thing is, I’m crossing off these things on my to do list, but I don’t even really have the to do list written out anymore…

You see, I filled the notebook I had been using before for these things — oddly enough with the end of 2015, maybe it’s telling me something. Of course I already had another notebook lying around I could use as the new one because I am a hoarder in office supplies.

(Seriously, what author isn’t?)

But I have never actually gotten around yet to transferring the to do list and rewriting it into the new notebook yet. That was partly because I was still journaling out my goals for this year, and because of that I was going to write the goals on the first page of the new notebook. I wanted to have those written before I started writing the to do list in case I needed an extra page or ended up with a blank page one too many.

(I hate skipping blank pages. I just hate it for some reason.)

I have finally journaled out the goals and put a semi timeline to them. I just need to transfer them over and organize them in the new notebook now, along with writing out some things into my planner.

So I suppose I’m plugging along here, getting some things done that have been sitting around for awhile, and others that were new and nagging.

Now I just need to finish off the rest and then, who knows? Maybe everything I wanted to do in January I’ll actually get done.

If I can just get myself writing every day now and then get myself going on those camping journal entries I need to do, I’ll be good to make a new list for February!

Too bad there’s this thing called work that’s taking up the time when I want to be doing something at home off that list…


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