Letters in the Mail

Who doesn’t love getting mail? The little surprises that make you tilt your head in curiosity.

Okay, let me rephrase that:

The little surprises that are not a bunch of junk mail and bills to pay that make you tilt your head in curiosity.

You know, the post card from a friend to say hello, a picture of someone’s child’s school yearbook shot that year, the family photo on Christmas, a picture of a newborn baby in the family, a random letter from a relative or friend, the birthday cards that sometimes hold a little present, a magazine subscription, or the coupons to your favorite candle shop for buy two get one free.

(Okay, maybe that last one is only me.)

I have always loved getting mail, but rarely did I ever get any. Unless of course it’s that one week of the year where it’s your birthday, but even now I don’t get that anymore.

So really what is there to look forward to in the mail?

Except statements and bills, and junk mail galore, there isn’t much. Maybe a magazine once a month.

Now, do we all remember when we were younger, before texting and emails, when we all thought writing letters was so cool? How we all wanted a pen pal to write to because getting that letter in the mail was a way to light up your day?

Well, just because texting and email exists to be insta-pen pals, it doesn’t mean you can’t have your own snail mail pen pal.

Or you can have both, like me.

Yeah, it may take five days to travel the distance with my pen pal, but I find it worth it and bringing a smile to my face to see the letter in the mail addressed to me. There’s just something…exciting about it. Something that makes me squeal with happiness. Even though I can log online and shoot a message and get a reply minutes later, something about the opening of a letter is more exciting.

Another thing with letters is you can always have them. Sure, you could sift through your email and messages to find what you talked about as well, but I am someone who loves to see it all on paper. I want to be able to touch it and hold it, not just see it. It’s the same reason I prefer holding the actual book when I read or studied instead of looking at the screen of a Kindle or other device.

It makes it seem so much more real to me.

Or maybe it’s partly also the fact just handwriting alone can say a bit about someone that I love to mull over. Or maybe that’s just the villain in my head talking now on that one, always picking things apart to use as leverage…

Now I’m going off on a tangent here. Someone just doesn’t want to shut up up there tonight.

So yes, in the age of emails, texting, cell phones, Skyping, Facebook, and more, I am the one sitting at a desk as well writing a response to a letter and mailing it out. Just so I can hold that letter back in my hand and feel a rush of happiness. It’s easy to send those typed up replies back on devices, but it takes time and care to sit down and long hand write a letter back to someone.

Time that means someone cares and loves it just as much as you do to bother writing back to you at all.