Journal Your Heart Out

How many of you writers out there journal as well?

A few of you? A lot of you?

I do at least.

I find that sometimes it just helps to get everything flowing again, or that it helps to just clear what’s on your mind so that you can focus on writing your novel, story, poem, etc.

Of course, I also do more than one type of journaling.

I have one journal that I use for the everyday write-the-problems-and-thoughts-in-my-head out. Though I sometimes also use it for writing down sparks of inspiration or things I find that I like; and once or twice I have used it to write a few scenes for my novel at work. Otherwise it is mainly for the purposes of pent up frustration or something wrong that I can’t talk to anyone about, or for the use of getting my thoughts into some sort of working order.

I have been meaning, however, to journal out my New Year’s goals. I know I blogged them on New Year’s Day, but I want to put them on paper that I can view as well. I feel like it will help me to stick to them and start to form out some sort of plan or timeline for said goals.

I have yet to do it though.

The other bit of journaling I do is a record book of campgrounds since my family is big on it. I rate them based on the facilities, the activities, the upkeep, and the attractions around the place. Then write out in detail about the places to better help us later in years to know where we want to go back and where we say no thanks to.

And, um, well…

Let’s just say I am severely behind on that little bit of journaling…

Like, last year kind of behind.

One of my goals for New Year’s was to finish those entries though — there are six of them. I have all the notes and everything else done, I just never actually wrote them.

My goal had been to do one a week until they were done. By those calculations, I’d be caught back up mid-February. Not a bad goal, right? It was paced out around everything else going on, gave me some wiggle room to work with. It wasn’t like I was saying write one a day or every other day.

(And believe me when I say these things are never short. They range from five to eight pages for me, depending how much the place has to offer to do. I do not know the meaning to short and sweet, remember?)

So it wasn’t a bad goal, but tomorrow is Saturday and I still haven’t written the first one for this week. Nor have I written that other journal entry. Nor have I…

I should stop there before I dig myself a bigger hole.

I guess this means I know what I’m doing tomorrow. Writing, writing, and more writing.

However, the question is going to be:

Will I get the alone time and motivation I need to do it without getting distracted or screwed over?

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