Author Crisis

Yes I have currently hit an author crisis. My first biggest crisis that hit me like a ton of bricks.

You see, about a week ago, it suddenly hit me that the title of the first book in a series I’m writing — a title that took me forever to come up with and finally just clicked one day, a title I adored and loved — no longer works with the book.

Well, it doesn’t work with this particular book.

I’ve come to realize it works better with a book later down the line in the series. But that also leaves me title-less on Book 1. As of right now I’m simply calling it Book 1 of the Dark Heir Chronicles.

I had a few ideas on what I could rename it, wanting to keep it semi close to what the title originally was. Only I wasn’t getting that right click to it. Except, now I think I’ve finally had that click.

The new title came to me out of the blue as I was about to go to bed a few days ago or so. (I’ve seriously lost track of time and days lately, they all blend together with lack of sleep and stress.) I keep tossing the idea around in my head, debating, but I think I’m sticking with it now.

Of course, this sudden crisis and title change leaves me having to redo the cover I made for this book what feels like eons ago now. And I can’t remember what font I had used on the cover…


It’s like starting all over almost. The little crisis actually made me panic for a day or so. And it came at one of the worst times, too, during NaNoWriMo.

(Which… I’m not going to go there on how behind I am in that already. It’s bad, really bad. Though I have written during both my lunch breaks at work. I just…haven’t typed the words up yet. I’m still really far behind though and need to get moving on that and the notes I want to write for it. I was going to do it yesterday after work, but got side tracked catching up on Sleepy Hollow before the next episode came on.)

So now that I may have solved my author crisis of titles, I still have the crisis of being behind on word count. Along with other writer unrelated problems, that’s actually about to get worse next week, too.

I better go get a game plan, and soon.