So It Begins

Well, it’s official, I’m a crazy idiot.

Remember me saying a week and a half to two weeks ago now that I was still watching a tug of war take place in my mind over doing NaNoWriMo or not? And how I predicted I would make up my mind at 11:59pm on October 31st to take the plunge and say “screw it”?

Well… I wasn’t too far off on that prediction.

Only about twenty minutes before that prediction did I take the plunge and signed myself up for NaNo.

Now, mind you, don’t forget this is me trying to write 50k words in a month on top of working long hours five days a week, the holiday season, other stress and home occurrences that need taken care of in this time frame, and many others things that I am sure are going to pop up.

I told you I was crazy.

This is no longer a descent into madness like Camp NaNo was. As a good friend put it, this is now an ascent into a higher level of insanity. Considering my life is already madness and insanity right now. I’m just opening my welcoming arms to more insanity, like the crazy author I am that someone got addicted to NaNo.

(Seriously though, when you work retail, the real meaning of the holiday season is literally gone out the window and you are sick of it two weeks before Thanksgiving already. It’s ludicrous and honestly is already driving me insane. Has been driving me insane for the past month already! You know it’s bad when you start twisting the lyrics and swearing to Christmas songs in your head as your are setting the stuff up in your store because you are already tired of seeing it. And it’s only November 3rd. I am so screwed.)

And so far, this plunge hasn’t been running too smoothly. November 1st I spent the day literally blog hopping and multi-tasking the whole day, minus having a work meeting. So I got nothing written that day. Yesterday I managed to put in a little over a thousand words before going to bed at 5am after I knocked some other things off my to do list. And I had meant to get up to 3k by midnight yesterday so my gap of below goal wasn’t too much and, well…

To put it nicely without going into a rant or more, it just didn’t happen after certain occurrences. So I’m still around 1.2k at the moment and a good 3k or so below goal. With no full day off till Saturday again. (I was supposed to have Wednesday off, but now that got ruined, though I only work a middle shift of 3.5 hours which really isn’t even worth it.)

I’ve also come to find that in the past month or so of off and on writing for this novel that I did not keep up with updating my notes on it. I need to sort through a bit and add a piece for the filler chapter I had to write to get myself back on track. A chapter that is complete crap and is either getting a total rewrite in revisions or is getting cut. Except it solves a problem I created, soooo…

Well, that’s a dilemma for rewrites, not now. Just gotta keep going forward, after I get myself sorted out again.

I really should have planned this better instead of that last minute hasty plunge. Oh well, at least I did have the next five chapters or so planned out already to go off of. Just need to make a few minor tweaks and I’m ready to roll. So it’s not too bad yet, right?

If I stop procrastinating by doing other things on my never ending list… Which, coincidentally, this blog post was on that list.

I need a new system to work with.