Snippet Sunday: October 25, 2015

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Where writers come together to share a few sentences (8-10) of their current project — whether it’s a recently released novel, a WIP (work in progress), or an older manuscript that’s being revived. Intended to hook readers, gather feedback and build an author’s fan base, Snippet Sunday is the FB group that does all three.

Snippet Sunday

In honor of it being Halloween month, the best month of the year, I am going to switch up my Sunday Snippets and share from a different story of mine that I also have on Wattpad. A short horror story titled, The Beast. And with this being the last week of October, this might be the last I share of this toying monster.

Previously on Sunday Snippets: The main character — you will learn her name later, I think — was describing the creature that follows her home through the dark streets at night and how he likes to toy with her.

Picking right up from where I left off from last week’s snippet. (Some sentences may have been creatively punctuated to try to fit the ten sentence limit. I’m over this week, again.)

If it wasn’t getting close to me, it was throwing things at me: trash cans, broken objects, anything in the vicinity was fair game to be used as a missile aimed right for me. For as many objects as the creature threw, not one of them hit me, they’d all just barely miss my small frame; I wasn’t sure if it was on purpose or if the creature just had that bad an aim.

My gut told me it was the former.

The torment would go on like that for what felt like hours with me standing in the middle of the alley — afraid to move, afraid each second would be my last; I’d come within a hair’s breadth of begging for my life, begging for it to stop tormenting me when it would finally dissolve into the darkness once more and not return.

The first time everything stilled and the snarls disappeared, I stood paralyzed by pure terror for five minutes before I dared to make a run for it, thinking all the while that the second I gave in to a relative feeling of safety, it would jump back out and finish me off.

I hadn’t been too far off on that assumption.

The exact second I became unglued and made a beeline for the sidewalk, is the same moment the beast would reappear. A malicious snarl would ring in my face and I’d see him for all of a millisecond as he hulked in front of me, one razor tipped hand — or paw, I couldn’t tell which — posed above his head, aimed straight for my throat. His eyes burned in fury and triumph as he loomed over me, a look that said he enjoyed watching me squirm in fear way too much.

I screamed as the claws descended on me, throwing my arms in front of my face in another feeble attempt to protect myself as I stumbled backwards. The hot sting of flesh being ripped open would send waves of pain through my arm as his claws connected with my forearm. I fell onto my rear, clutching my injured arm to my body, trying not to let the tears spill down my face and cowered on the damp pavement in defeat, waiting for the last strike that would end my life.

But it never came.

The Beast Cover Final


If you wish to read more, it is available to read on Wattpad! (If you do, it is under the book titled Wild Fantasies. This was part of a contest I entered.) And since this might be the last week I share from this, you might just have to on the bit of a cliffhanger I left. I love to hear any and all feedback on my work as well. Comments are greatly appreciated, as are the reads.

And if you’re looking for some other great snippets of fellow authors,

hop on over to Facebook and check out Snippet Sunday!


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