The Never Ending To Do List

We all have them.

The mile long to do list that once you scratch one thing off, two more things pop up. The list that nags at the back of our minds until we cave and tackle it. The one that requires either a lot of limitless energy, or a bunch energy drinks and coffee, and sugar, lots of sugar. The one we all wish someone could create a potion that allows us not to sleep so that we would actually have time to make the never ending list, well, ending.

That list is exactly what I am tackling today, and I think it’s because the wonderful alone time I had this morning finally sparked me some much needed energy. Too bad it’s all I’ll get for awhile again probably.

I don’t even have a number count for how many things are on that list, and honestly, I don’t want to have one. It’s rather staggering. I mean, when I’m working five days a week with long crazy hours that suck away my free time, it doesn’t exactly give me much time to get anything done.

Unless I want to lose massive amounts of sleep. I don’t need to do that anymore than I already do. Said the writer and night owl. Let me just say those two things put together are a bad combination for the thing called sleep.

What’s this sleep you speak of?


Anyways, I have managed to cross off a couple things on that list today. The overflowing laundry has been washed, and believe it or not, it’s already been folded and put away, too. (Hell just froze over.) The sheets have been changed, my room has some semblance of order again. Well, sort of. The desk is another story yet, but I’m working on that now. And I have switched out my altar decorations from Mabon to Samhain. (Only 11 more days!!)

Took me long enough to cross off that last one. Normally those decorations are up near the beginning of the month, didn’t happen this year. I blame work. You want proof, today was my first day off of six days in a row of long hours that had me wanting to flip off the world. Christmas decorations a week before Halloween was NOT what I wanted to be setting this past few days.

(See a pattern here on my excuses?)

There’s still… *glances at list and cringes* …way too many more things on that sucker, but at least I have crossed off a few. Fingers crossed I don’t end up adding anymore to that list before the end of the night. I am not holding my breath though.

And I’ve just added another one to that list thanks to me reminding myself of something by mentioning decorations. Wonderful. Well, this one is more of a crafty thing, so that’s not really a chore for the to do list, right?

(Told you I wasn’t holding my breath…)

The two biggest ones that are still jumping and screaming at me for my attention are cleaning, though. The two I dread the most. Well, I really only dread cleaning my room, the bathroom is easy, but my room… I wish I could wave a magic wand and POOF! it’d be clean.

Nope, gotta keep dreaming on that one.

It’d be better than dealing with the amount of knickknacks and stuff I have to move to clean though, and much easier. Having a messy roommate makes me dread it that much more.

I’ve got a few more things I want to get done before the night is out, and I’ve now got the random urge to clean, mainly because it’s driving me nuts. (I think Hell just froze over again.) But I can’t focus on that tonight, maybe Friday when I’m off again. Except I need to run a couple errands that day…

You see my problem here? I need more hours in a day, preferably in the days I have off. Take the hours from the days I work to shorten them and throw them into my off days and I’d be a happy camper. I suddenly really wish that was possible.

You know what else is on that to do list that’s staring me down?


I don’t remember even writing it on there, but apparently I did. And now it’s nagging at me, again. I know I said last Friday I didn’t think I was going to attempt it, but now…

Now someone must have given me a dose of crazy because I’m suddenly considering going for it again. I feel like a yo-yo on this subject.

Go for it, don’t go for it, go for it, don’t go for it.

I know I will be killing myself if I go for it, I know it, but that urge to say “screw it” and go for it is back. And I don’t have a flipping clue which side of me is going to win in this now. And it’s a week and a half away. I’m screwed, because chances are at 11:50pm on October 31st I will scramble to join with the motto “screw it” ringing in my head.

What’s the worst that could happen if I do it and don’t make 50k, right? It’s just writing, right? Not a matter of life or death, right?

Actually, don’t answer that. Don’t answer any of those.

I’m just going to go submerse myself in 31 Days of Halloween that I am doing to cross off two more things on my list, and let my brain wander down whatever path it’s taking to the tug of war battle going on over NaNo in my head.

And go listen to music, music always helps tackle the never ending to do list.


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