The Struggles of a Night Owl

Yes, that is me. I am a total night owl.

Ever since I did an overnight freight job in retail, I have been an even bigger night owl.

Eleven at night is way too early to go to bed. Midnight is even too early. One a.m. even feels too early. But 2am… 2:30am… 3am… Now those are the times I finally feel like going to bed.

(Of course, this makes things difficult when I have to be up at seven or so in the morning for work, but on those nights I will tend to break pattern and go to bed at least around 2am, if not a bit earlier.)

You see, my problem with being a night owl is that it is the time I want to be active and get things done, but I kind of can’t. I am most focused at night. Once that clock hits maybe three or so in the afternoon, I start to get focused. But when seven at night starts to roll around, I’m my most active and focused from there all the way to whatever ungodly hour of the night I find myself up to.

(I have been up till sunrise before, if not pulled an all-nighter. If I didn’t have to worry about being up early enough to do other things before work shifts, I would probably stay up till sunrise every day.)

I love the night.

I want to write at night. I want to organize at night. I want to play music and sing along at night. Hell, I’d clean at night if I really wasn’t tired and was looking for something to do.

There’s just one major problem:

I can’t make noise at night or I wake up my entire household.

So I can’t play music unless it’s soft or I have headphones in from my computer — which limits my mobility if I’m organizing and they do not like to stay in my ears. I can’t sing along like I wish to unless I’m again soft. I can’t clean and make noise. I can’t spread my papers out to organize or write because there’s someone sleeping in the room with me where I would use the bed to spread out more.

I pretty much can’t do much of anything that I want to at night without risking waking grouchy people up.

So what else am I left to do?

Browse aimlessly through Facebook, Wattpad, and whatever else I feel like scrolling through? Play around with Photoshop for covers? Just go to bed early — what is early for me, that is — and then toss and turn half the night?

I’m pretty much screwed either way.

Of course, I could write. I could blog hop for Sunday Snippets. I could brainstorm and such. But again, I like to be spread out with my papers and mounds of stuff when I do that. That also makes noise as I flip through notes and type, though. (I’m apparently a loud typer according to my roommate, but I don’t think I am.)

So again, I have become limited on what I can do at night. And it makes me sad because I could knock so many things off my to-do lists. I could get so many pages and chapters written if I just was able to make noise. Or even if I just had my room to myself, then I could do all of that.

(Well, except cleaning and playing loud music. But I could still play it softly and sing softly then if I’d be alone in my room.)

Of course, I could also go to a different room at night. Except, where? I’d have to carry a mound of notebooks, papers, and/or binders with me. Something for music, headphones. Then my laptop and charger in case it starts to die. And moving all of that stuff is going to make noise.

Plus, I have nowhere to go. If I wandered downstairs, I’d be waking my dog up and then I’d have to let him out and hope he doesn’t start running around like a puppy on crack. And the only other room available to me is kind of cluttered and unusable to me.

So, I am stuck trying to work quietly in my room and hoping I don’t wake a grouchy person.

I think I need to start just flat out writing when a certain roommate heads to bed — that’s if I don’t get yelled at for my typing. Or maybe, I’ll sit here and write out my camping entries since I still have yet to write all five of them. That’s handwritten, not typed. I’ll make less noise. (Minus flipping through my notes for it.)

I think that might actually be my new plan. But there’s not guarantee at all what time I’ll be getting to bed then doing that.

I’ll bet… 4am? If not later. Whoops…


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