Head Spinning

I’ve gotten absolutely nothing done the past four days.

Not a thing.

Not one.



Big fat goose egg.

I’ve worked the worst shifts that don’t allow me to get anything done at home during those days. Not to mention, the awesome thunderstorm we had a few days ago knocked down two trees in my backyard, so I was busy helping to clean those up. One of those trees came scarily close to hitting my house.

So with that being the start of my crazy week, I’ve had no time to myself except these really late nights. (Which is why I’m cutting it close on a blog post today.)

I had wanted to have everything sorted and ready for editing Rivers of Black by now.

But nope.

That hasn’t happened.

I’ve at least got things semi-planned out in my head. I just want to see what I have here I want to use, and what I need to make a shopping run for. Which, I have no idea when that is going to happen.

Thursday is my only day off in which I can get things done, and I need to do laundry that day instead. Unless I go shopping early, then come home to work and do laundry… I really don’t want to though. I had hoped to get that little trip done before Friday so I had something I could do this weekend on my last trip, but…

Now I’m not sure that’s going to happen.

(Although, I really should use that time to write those camping entries instead…)

Needless to say, my week has been shot so far. And work hasn’t made things easy since it’s a busy week there, too. My head is spinning from it all, and I’m sore and exhausted.

Better yet, I feel like a chicken running around without a head this week.

And it’s only Tuesday!

Good grief. I feel like it should at least be Thursday already.

Is there a way to make time spin faster so I get a chance to get things done on my days off? Spin kind of like what my head is doing lately.




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