Plotting, Editing, and A…Seductress?

I am not sure what happened to me the past three days.

I had three days off again, surprisingly. Unlike last week when I had this time off, I haven’t really gotten anything done.

Granted, I did catch up on Sunday Snippets so I’m all set there. And I did get organized once more. And…

Crap, I think that is all I’ve done.

Well, I did do a bit of writing. Part of it was me just plotting and playing out scenes in my head that may or may not end up being parts to Darkness Becomes Her. If they are used, it won’t be till some of the very last books which is wayyyy down the line here.

Let’s just say I’ve got multiple directions that I want to take to get there. At least three awesome plots that I want to use but kind of…clash with each other in a small way. I need to find a way to work them out together.

That’s for later though.

In other news, I’ve started to plan out my editing for Rivers of Black.

I’ve got the story printed and I’ve got a rough idea of how I want to go about this, but I need a little more organization before I tackle it. I had meant to write a journal entry to myself two days ago or so to sort out my thoughts on this, but didn’t get around to it.

Instead, I ended up writing said entry on plotting out wannabe scenes for Darkness Becomes Her. When I say wannabe scenes, they are more like flashes of the scene, the important things.

To put even more on my plate, someone (*Cough cough* P.T. *Cough*) shared a picture to Facebook that spawned an unwanted plot bunny last night. Well, said picture that looked like some sort of elaborate torture room, plus me listening to the song Dance With The Devil by Breaking Benjamin, is what really spawned the plot bunny out of control.

(For those that don’t know the song…)

And, actually, spawned is a rather appropriate word for what happened. That picture put the image of a rather shapely woman in a red dress in the room. Which then turned into her being a seductress once the song came on, which then spiraled into that room being near non-existent and now I’m currently watching said woman dancing around with the Devil in Hell at some ball.

I have absolutely no idea where any of this came from, but boy did my brain run with it.

It’s not even what I should be working on. I should be writing Darkness Becomes Her, not this Seductress thing. Which, really, it’s not even something I normally write. I mean, sure, it’s got the fantasy element and the dark nature to it seeing as it’s set in Hell.

But a seductress?

No idea what dug that up in my mind.

It’s proving to be interesting though so I’m going to keep running away with it and see where it leads me. I get the feeling I might have another novel in the works on my hands now. That makes…four. (I’m counting the DH series as one novel, even though it’s going to be at least five I’m thinking.) Plus whatever else is still brewing upstairs that has yet to reveal itself to me.

Good grief.

I work the next five days in a row, too. Most of them being long hours so my days are about to be shot in getting anything done. Then I get one day off, then I’ll be gone for three days again.

For the next…week and a half about I’m going to be scrambling on time. I’m attempting to keep up with the 1k-A-Day Challenge once more, and so far I’m only a little over 1k behind. Which, depending what I do the rest of the day today, I might be able to get ahead a bit.

The next week and a half (maybe more depending what my work schedule is after I come back) is going to be a test of how determined I can be.

Guess I better head back to the plotting, organizing, writing, and editing board then, shouldn’t I?


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