Knocked Up Plot Bunnies

So, my three days off was actually really productive.

Of a list of twenty things to do, I crossed off sixteen of them. I am proud of myself for that.

My notes for my camping journal took much longer than I expected, but I got all of them done. (Mostly, minus a few minor things I need that really aren’t important.) I just didn’t get to writing any of those entries.


Shockingly, I have three days off in a row next week, too. AND I have this whole weekend off. I feel like I hit the lottery. This never happens. Unless I’m camping, that’s the only time I get that kind of time off. My paycheck will be sad, but my to do lists will be happy.

Anyways, moving on here to my real topic…

The plot bunny factory upstairs has seriously been given speed or fertility drugs or something today. No joke. I’ve just been getting idea, after idea, after idea, after idea, after idea…

*Shakes head*

You get the picture.

Some of them are totally random and I’m sitting here going “what the hell? Where did THAT even COME from?!” And others aren’t even related to what I’m currently working on and/or doing.

They’re just saying “Hey! Look at me!” And I seriously want to give them the finger and tell them to crawl back in the hole until later.

At the current moment, I suddenly have an idea for a new creature that’s slowly brewing in my mind. And actually, that one does pertain to what I’m currently working on. I owe that little bugger to a good friend of mine for sparking that little slimy demon. (No the creature is not a demon, C, because I know you’re reading this. Although it may be slimy…)

Then another just really out there idea popped into my head. One that I don’t even know how to use, or where to use. I mean, I know where I want to use it, but I have no idea how to yet. I guess I better feed that bunny some carrots so it grows bigger and gives me a better picture to work with.

Not like I need anymore plot bunnies though. I have quite enough, thank you very much, brain.

(Yeah, they don’t listen to me. They have no on and off switch. Unfortunately sometimes.)

Well, I was going to go write a bit or do something else, but at this point, I think I’m about to go journal and jot down these plot bunnies before they hop away on me, or start kicking me. Let’s see what madness I can create this time!

I always did say sanity was overrated.


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