Little By Little, Bit By Bit

It’s been a good few days so far. (Now let’s hope I didn’t just jinx myself by saying that.) Doing things little by little, and not just throwing it all in at once is the right way to go about things. At least that’s what I’m finding right now.

I have Monday-Wednesday off this week. (Which is a total miracle that I have three days off in a row and I’m not camping. I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth on that one though.)

Somehow, I have finally found my groove, settled in and started steam rolling through things that I needed to get done. I have a list that has nineteen things listed on it that I hoped to get done by the time I go back to work Thursday evening.

(Granted some of those things are really small and easy and take like ten minutes. Example: Change bed sheets. Alright, well, that one took a tad longer than ten minutes since I had to was the mattress pad first. But you see my point. Things might also be added at random points, depends if I remember something else that needs done.)

So far, I’m doing really good on that list.

Of those nineteen things, I have crossed off nine and one thirds of those. I say one third because one of them I’m kind of just using as a continuum thing to do. As in, do some of it each day — considering I’m not going to read a whole book in one day. Granted, I could if I really wanted to, but I have other things to do as well. So, sadly, I can’t.

At the moment, I’m half way through crossing off another thing on my list. I’ve procrastinated far too long this summer on keeping up with my Camping Journal.

(I like to document the campgrounds we visit and the things we liked, disliked, what they offered/had to do, etc. That way, I know which ones are the better ones to go back to and can help our Wagonmaster determine where we want to go next year. FYI, I belong to a large group so you aren’t totally lost by what I mean by that. This probably just stems from the fact that I like to write and journal, I go a bit overboard with this though. Entries end up being six to nine pages long handwritten. I get a stack of brochures for attractions nearby. I have two smaller little handheld notebooks to take the notes in and one to document address, phone number, directions to the place, etc. You see my point.)

As I was saying before I went off on a tangent…

I like to document and write about the campgrounds and I have not written a single entry this year yet. I’ve kept the notes up, I’ve gotten the brochures. But I haven’t written the actual entries yet. I did really good last year, writing them only days after getting home. This year though…

*Shakes head*

It hasn’t happened.

Luckily for me, with certain issues, we’ve only gone to four trips this year so far instead of our normal six or so already. Which means I only have to write four entries at the moment. And there’s only one trip left in the season, which isn’t bad. As long as I get these ones down before I go on the last one. Or even just three of the four, I’ll be in good shape.

With that being said, I am currently buried under a pile of brochures, notebooks, and various pens and pencils strewn around me to finish up the notes of the last trip we went on. (It was only a week and a half ago so I’m not too far behind on this one.)

My iPhone that’s playing music is buried under here somewhere. I’m not quite sure where my pencil disappeared to, and at times I can’t see my keyboard but the technique is working. I’ve also got Google Maps thrown up in my browser to determine estimated time from campground to attraction to see if it’s worth putting in the entry, plus a tab for the campground itself to remind myself of things they offer. I also have pictures I take to help document so I start to flit through them for reminders. (If I can find my iPhone under this organized chaos.)

It’s going good though. I’m crossing things off, I’m getting organized, I’m doing what I need to get done finally. I just got to keep my groove going through another day and a half before I go to work.

Tomorrow is going to be the challenge though. My day will mostly be consumed by cleaning — and attempting to give my whining, paranoid dog a bath. That’ll be fun. (I am taking the fifth on how badly I need to clean to. I’m a writer though, what’d you expect?)

With that being said, I think it’s definitely safe for me to use this little quote:

“If you ever want to know what a creative person’s mind feels like, imagine a browser with 2,857 tabs open. All. The. Time.”


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