Why Am I Writing This?

Honestly, I’m not even sure why I’m bothering to make a blog post today. I hadn’t done it before I went to bed at 4am, mostly because I forgot. Then work screwed up the rest of my day. And now… Well, I don’t know.

It almost just doesn’t seem worth it when I’ll be rambling on anyways and probably bore or confuse the lot of you half to death.

I don’t even have a topic for this post, I’ve gotten pretty much absolutely nothing done since last Friday.

No words written. No journal entries done. No more notes done for said journal entries. No cleaning done. Laundry still needs folded…

The only thing I have managed to do is catch up on the Sunday Snippet blog hop. Which is a good thing, because I won’t be around the internet much for the next five days. And I did not want to have three weeks worth of blog hopping to catch up on by then.

I’m caught up at least, so that’s one plus out of, well, not many others.

Oh, and I did plan out the next five or so chapters of Darkness Becomes Her.

I’m getting antsy and mad at myself that I haven’t been doing any writing for that story. I’m now 10k behind on the 1k-A-Day Challenge and with being gone for the next five days… I’m doubting I’m going to get anything written. So unless I have a random mad dash writing streak in the next two weeks, I’m not going to make it this month. Again.

Which, I’m sad to say, is typical for me. I always seem to die out once NaNoWriMo months are over. I wish I didn’t, but I just…do.

(See why I need cabins and progress charts to be a constant? Dear NaNoWriMo, make an app for that already for iPhone! Now!)

I was really excited where the story was going right now, too. So why am I not just getting into it? Did I burn myself out over Camp? Or…

I don’t know.

I do know work has burned me out right now, though. Not to mention, it’s been getting stranger and stranger lately.

For instance, this was my night tonight:

1) When the phone rings four times in a row and each time you answer it, all you hear is an odd beeping noise.

This is the fifth time this has happened to me in a matter of two days.

My conclusion: Alien invasion.

2) *Phone rings*
Me: Thank you for calling [insert work place here]. This is [insert name]. How may I help you?
Customer: *Starts busting out singing, laughing in background*
Me: *Frowns, looks down at phone, click*

This is why I prefer animals over people. This is why I am an introvert. I do not understand people. People annoy me.

Enough said.


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