Arguing With The Characters In My Head

It’s finally Friday.

I feel like Tuesday should have been Friday for some reason.

It’s been a long week, let’s just leave it at that.

Wednesday didn’t go too much better. I got nothing done on my first day off and ended up with a splitting headache for most of the day that just wouldn’t go away.

Yesterday went a little bit better. I managed to get seven more chapters planned ahead in Darkness Becomes Her. Though I spent a right good hour or so arguing with myself, my timeline for the story, and my characters in order to plan those chapters out. I need to start leaving myself some better notes, or something that way I don’t run into that problem again. I think I’ve got things sorted though.

Does anyone else have that problem where you can’t remember what you were thinking when you jotted the notes down? Or you can’t seem to tie them back together as you had once thought of them? Or is it just me that spends my alone time yelling at timelines and characters to make things work out again and making myself go crazy?

(Meh, sanity for an author is overrated anyways.)

I’ve become really excited for what’s going to be coming up in the novel, it’s going to get so good and I just can’t wait to get to those scenes. I’ve got a few chapters to go before I get to those juicy parts though.

I also managed to get caught up on one week of blog hopping for Sunday Snippets. However, I still have last Sunday’s to get through before this Sunday rolls around.

Thankfully, I have Saturday off again to hopefully get something done. Because after that… I’ll have absolutely no time.

I’ll be working three days straight. (Though two of those days the shifts aren’t that bad.) Then I’ll be gone for five days in which I will probably get absolutely nothing done. Once I come back too, I’ll be working my butt off since stupid me agreed to pick up a few shifts at a different store that needed an extra hand and was short staffed in managers in two weeks.

(Ironically enough, the store is the one my old boss now runs, before GM’s got switched around in the company a bit and changed stores. That’s not weird at all considering when she was my boss, I was a cashier/freight crew leader, and now I’m a keyholder/manager. This will be interesting.)

Anyways, back to writing…

Because of my mad plotting streak and yelling at myself here yesterday, I didn’t actually get any words written. I’m all set up to keep writing, but I didn’t get anything done. Which means I’m not 6k behind on word count for the month of August. And with next week going to be pretty shot for me in getting anything done, I’m unsure how this month is going to pan out in writing.

I’m hoping to get some in and make a mad dash for 30k goal by the end of August but we shall see.

I still have these journal entries I need to write (three) and some notes to draw up from the last one I need to do, and that’s only to be added on at the end of next week. I really need to get myself on track here.

Maybe I just need more time in the day, or more days off.

Or you know what would be really helpful?

Someone needs to invent a magic potion that allows you to stay up and never sleep and get a million things done and never actually be tired.

(Yes, I am a fantasy author, in my mind, that is totally possible.)

Alas though, until some magical person creates such a thing and presents it to me, I am stuck trying to work of little sleep and hopefully not have any more incidents as I did earlier this week. (I am not going into details of that nightmare and a half.)

Speaking of nightmares… I’ve been having really odd dreams lately. I wonder what they mean, and I wonder if any of them are going to spring a new plot bunny on me when I don’t need one, and…


Why is it every time I mention the words ‘plot bunny’ I end up with a new one?


Better go jot that little sucker down before it escapes me or gets lost in the maze up there…


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