Nightmare Week

It’s been a rough week. And it’s only Tuesday.


Sunday presented problems to me and yesterday…

Yesterday was just a nightmare. I’m ready to crawl into a hole and hide for the rest of the week it was that bad.

I’m stressed beyond belief right now.

Already I’ve fallen behind on the 1k-A-Day Challenge. I only managed to write on the 1st and just barely did 1k. The past two have been so bad that I haven’t had the focus or the want to get anything done. I still don’t have much motivation since what happened yesterday is still bothering me.

I’m hoping like hell today goes easier or I don’t want to think about how my emotions are going to dictate my actions by the end of the day.

However, I’m trying to just get myself in a rather…numb mindset that I can get things done like I’d be on autopilot. Seems like the only way I’m going to get myself out of this. I work a long shift today though so I won’t be able to start anything until after I get home tonight.

My plan is to work on notes after I get home from work, not caring how late I end up being up. Then I’m off for two days to be able to get some other stuff done.

There’s a lot… Like a lot, a lot I need to get done in those two measly days off.

Two weeks worth of blog hopping for Sunday Snippets (though I did start on Sunday night), catching up to par on the 1k-A-Day, getting the notes drawn up and planning ahead in Darkness Becomes Her, finishing notes for a journal entry, writing about three journal entries…

You see what I mean?

Why is almost everything I have to do evolve around writing??



Because I’m a writer.

Although that doesn’t exclude the cleaning I’ve neglected to do over Camp NaNo.



2 thoughts on “Nightmare Week

  1. Don’t feel bad — I haven’t done any writing this month at all yet either. I went to the library to try to organize stuff today so I could start writing but… There’s a reason I say I hate kids…


    • I feel your pain. Try working retail and having a bunch of kids come in a half hour before you close and then messing up everything you JUST cleaned and recovered. Makes me want to chase ’em out with a hockey stick or threaten them with a ruler. Never liked kids, never will like ’em.


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