Kissing The Madness Goodbye…Sort Of

Warning: This post is liable to be all over the place and rather chaotic. Read at your own risk ahead.

With that said!

I am currently running on about a total of six hours of sleep for the past two nights now. Meaning I got two hours of sleep two nights ago and last night I only got about four. I’m either an idiot or I’ve just been that busy. Surprisingly, I’m not really that tired either after that small amount of sleep. Not sure why, or how.

And that is the precise — well, mostly precise — reason that this post is liable to make about as much sense as an elephant riding a motorcycle. (Can you see how much the lack of sleep is getting to me?)

Moving onward…

For all those that know what it is… Have a Blessed Lughnasadh for today or tomorrow, or both, whichever day you celebrate it!

Camp NaNoWriMo has officially ended after today. As you already saw from my post on Tuesday, I made goal three days early on the 28th. And the rest of my cabin made goal just in time, too! We’re all winners! *Pulls out a big flashing neon sign with the word ‘WINNERS!’ on it and hangs it up in the cabin.*

I haven’t done much organizing for the next chapters and such for Darkness Becomes Her in the past few days like I wanted to.

For one, the past three days have kind of been hell.

Wednesday I thought I worked 5-10, but when I got to work I was told I actually don’t work. So, naturally, I went back home, thinking I had time off to get more stuff done (and to be happy I didn’t have to work close and then opening the next day which sucks). Half hour after I returned home, I get a call…

There was a scheduling error on the one sheet and I actually was supposed to work. By the time I call back — after getting ready to go back in to work, again — I’m not they got the other manager to work. So, again, I get settled down again and undressed.

Five minutes later, I get another call.

Now that manager doesn’t want to come in and I’m the only one left to call. So for the third time I got ready for work again and finally went. An hour and a half after all this chaotic crap started. Needless to say I really would have liked to say no I’m not coming back, but I couldn’t leave the morning manager there for a thirteen hour shift then, nor was I going to have the other manager drive back to work from an hour away.

It’s just been a bad couple of days, and hectic.

On the plus side, I did get some things organized and put away. My room is dire need of being cleaned (not organized, just dust free once more) but I have not the motivation to do so, or the time off.

Since tomorrow starts the first day of August, it also means I’m back to trying for the 1k-A-Day Challenge. Which should be a piece of cake after doing 50k this month.

I really wish NaNo had some sort of app though that I could use to track my progress. Those little graphs and all the goodies for showing my progress are a real motivator and I’d hate to find myself slack again because I can’t visually see how good I’m doing.

I’ve tried fooling around on Word and Excel, checked out some knockoff apps, but none are the same as NaNo graphs and counts. I’m afraid to download any spreadsheets for it. And I did find one app that might be perfect, but, it’s five bucks. Of course. I don’t know if I’m willing to pay that or not.

I’ll try out a free app I did download and see how it works but I’m not too sure about it just yet.

The madness is over now though, I can kiss it sadly goodbye. Well… One madness at least. There’s still a multitude of other ones remaining. Like work, and playing catch up on things around the house, and the 1k-A-Day, and sleep deprivation, and… You get the point.

I’m sad to see Camp NaNo end. I never want it to end. I wish there was a Camp every month. Or that they at least had a knock off site to use for the months that aren’t dedicated to Camp. I’d be one of the happiest authors if that were true, or if they at least had an app!

Seriously, what is so hard about making a NaNo app for the Apple store?


I think I’m off to try to do all the blog hops before Sunday rolls around, and to get some chapters sorted out for DBH, and other notes. At least, as long as I don’t fall asleep here I’ll do those things. I need to stay up though to get things done, despite the tiredness starting to settle in.

But first, I need to get my mind out of wandering in Wonderland. It’s literally taken me about three hours to write this because I kept getting sidetracked and just…kind of numb. Or maybe it was because I had not much of an idea what I was writing about.

Actually, this post didn’t go so chaotic as I thought it would…

*Shakes head*

Okay, get out of La La Land now and get to work.


When did I change lands?