Cuckoo Crazy With Camp! (And Life)

So, I’ve totally lost track of days and time this whole week.

Monday night, I remembered I needed to make a blog post for Tuesday at midnight. I remember ending up not making the post before I went to bed just because I was tired and wasn’t too sure what to write at the moment. I told myself I’d do it before work on Tuesday.

Didn’t happen.

Then by the time I got home from work at 10:30 at night, I had completely forgotten about needing to make one until it was probably about 2am on Wednesday.

Which, by then of course, was too late.

I’ve been getting my days mixed up like mad. I thought Tuesday was Thursday. Then I thought Wednesday was Thursday. I even thought Thursday was Wednesday for a time. I’m just all screwy and cuckoo this week.


Like cuckoo for cocoa puffs!

My lack of sleep seems to be getting to me because I have been dragging all this week, too. Have not been able to get myself to wake up even though I’m quite sure I’m sleeping decent. Between five and six hours a night, which is about normal for me. I know it’s bad when I need a Monster to wake me up and keep me going.

Which, speaking of Monster… I think it’s totally gone to my head today. (Read four lines up if you want proof of that.)

Now in Camp news, I’ve been playing leap frog with a cabin member on who has the most words written. Right now, she’s in the lead again by a little over a thousand. We’ve been going back and forth with me having the lead, then her, then me again, then her again, then me once more, then her…. You get the picture. Chances are, she’s going to stay ahead of me because I will probably not be getting any writing done over the weekend seeing as I’m going on a three day vacation.

I’m still staying ahead of par though. My cushion that used to be like a 10k cushion has dropped to a few thousand, but I’m still ahead. Even if I don’t get any writing done this weekend, I’ll still be ahead of par come Monday.

Currently, I’m sitting at just over 45k words. Remember my new goal was 50k, too. I’ve got one week to write 5k words. On a day off, I can do that easily all in the same day if I’m focused. So I’m not at all worried about validating for the win in time. I might be early this time around instead of with minutes or mere hours to spare on the final day.

Who knows?

Maybe if I get really lucky, or go on another spurt of madness, I’ll hit at least 55k. That’d be awesome. I could probably almost do 60k if I really tried. I’m not changing my goal anymore though, I’m leaving it at 50k and if I get higher, then great. If not, I still hit my dream goal.

I’ve also realized I planned just about the right amount of chapters out at the beginning of the month. I need less than 5k to win and I’m on the last chapter I have planned out. (Although, two chapters ended up being broken in half to create two extra chapters I hadn’t planned.) I’m thinking to finish Chapter 10 it may or may not get me my little under 5k. It’ll be close if it doesn’t get me all the way.

Actually… The more I think about it, the more I think it might not get me to the end of NaNo. So I think this weekend I might be sitting down — while on vacation — and planning out the next few chapters. Maybe if I get to it I’ll start drawing out some notes of important scenes and other necessities for the book I need. My binder for this book is rather scarce yet. I’ve been too focused on writing to jot down all the important details I need to remember.

In other news, I realized I threw myself a total curveball that I had to figure out a few days ago. Looking over my timeline for the book, I realized I totally threw myself off track and I had to find a way to get myself back on track. Thankfully, I had an epiphany moment that has actually built on my character a little more that sorted out the problem. So, I created the problem, and solved it, rather easily.

For once.

I need to remember to consult the outline and summaries a little more while writing so I don’t do that again. Even though that little gem is a blessing for the book, and the series really. It’s a standout scene that’s going to be a impacting memory that doesn’t leave my protagonist.

As of right now, I’ve hit another mad writing rush on the scene I’m on. I’m either right smack dab in my protagonist’s head or in my villain’s. Or maybe it’s both. Probably both. It’s really working though. Except for this little dozy of a sentence I wrote that totally threw me for a second when I wrote it:

“Her heart wasn’t pounding in fear, she wasn’t wide eyed and ready to flee. She just…was.”

I couldn’t determine if that actually made sense to the reader when I knew what it meant or not. It was the last part, “she just…was” that threw me. I meant it as she was just there in the moment, numb almost. For some reason it threw me though. Oh well, as I was told, that’s a fix for editing if I still don’t like it.

(Does it make sense to the reader, though? Or have I really gone cuckoo?)

Now before I totally start rambling and boring all of you who are reading this — if I haven’t already — I better shut up. Had I remembered to do a post on Tuesday, this may not have been so long. But… *Shrugs* You got the picture above there.

Alright, back to writing. I want to get some words in — and some other things done, while trying to be quiet to the sleeping person in the room with me — before I leave tomorrow.

Better hop to it.

No… Wait… I did not mean you, plot bunny!