Creative Crazy Cabins and Chapter Curveballs

(No, I did not make that title all C’s on purpose, what are you talking about? LOL)

So my writing for Camp seems to have slowed down a little. I was at 28k on Friday, now I’m at 34k. I was even off on Saturday and Monday, and I didn’t do nearly as much writing as I wanted.

It’s okay though because I’m still going to make goal.

You know what makes that even better?

I passed my original goal of 31k! I can now say I’ve officially made the 1k-A-Day challenge (for July at least) and that I’ve surpassed any goals I had set before for Camp. I’ve now upped that goal to 50k and if my madness induced writing comes back and I somehow reach 50k before the cut off date for changing the goal, I might up it to 60k, or maybe 55k. Either one would make me thrilled.

Hell, I’m thrilled to make it this far!

The last chapter I did just rolled right out of me, and I think it’s actually pretty great for a first draft. (We’ll see what I think during the editing stages though.)

Except then I hit a bump in the road.

I had reached the part of the scene that was a small time skip (only a couple of hours) but the way I broke that part off, could have easily been the end of the chapter. Originally, both scenes before and after the time skip were to be in one single chapter, not broken up. However, the first part to it ended up being rather long and because of how I broke it off, I decided to try to do the second part to it as a new chapter, though similar to the last one. Kind of a like a part 2.

I’m not quite sure how I feel about this chapter or how I broke things off. I mean, it could work based on where the second part of it is heading, and I realized it’s something I can’t cut from the scene now. Although, I get the feeling the second part is going to end up being rather short. Which makes me think I should have somehow kept it with the previous chapter instead of splitting them.

I know that’s a problem for editing down the line but it’s bugging me at the moment.

Then there’s the fact I still need to be drawing up some more chapter notes considering I’m one chapter away from running out of notes drawn up. That chapter is also quickly approaching as well. I did at the beginning of the month draw up a tentative timeline for what’s supposed to happen. I just need to work in the scenes so making the notes shouldn’t be too hard. Maybe I’ll take the binder and notebook to work with me tomorrow and do it on my break while I’m eating lunch. My manager is interested in the novel I’m writing anyways, she can peek at the blurb.

In other Camp news, I have an awesome Cabin.

We were randomly talking one day and it seems we were debating on coming up with a name for our cabin. Now, keep in mind we are all a bit crazy (in a good way!) and a lot of us are — or are becoming — Camp NaNo addicts. Someone ended up bringing a wolf into our cabin and we all happen to love wolves, so it was first suggested we should be the Wolf Howlers. That was vetoed and another name came up, something to do with us being Camp addicts or crazy.

Also vetoed.

Until a certain cabin mate came up with this gem by putting parts of our names all together:

Harriet’s Specialty Solo Darkness Warriors, Pre-owned and Used!

We cracked up laughing, and the name has now stuck. Good thing cabins can’t communicate with other cabins and display their names or our cabin would be the one labeled “they’re all crazy, just back away slowly…”

From that name, Harriet, Solo, Warriors, and Used are all part of their usernames. However, I must be the special one because mine, Darkness, comes from the title of my book for Camp.

But, hey, we’re having fun with our mates and our creatures. (I can’t find my villain’s raven that got loose in the cabin. Maybe Beowulf — our wolf mascot — ate it, though I highly doubt it.) We’re all rolling along with our books and we’re all wishing this would never end. After all, we only get Camp cabins two months out of the year, we got to live up while we can.