Bumps And Races

So it’s officially been a whole week of Camp, and I can definitely say I have not slowed down, at all. I may have hit a few minor bumps, but I’m still racing along here.

I’m now currently sitting at 18,756 words, which is doubled what I had last Friday. I had today off from work (finally) and I just steamrolled through a lot of words. 6,554 words today to be exact if I want to get technical. Can you tell I’m proud and ecstatic over these numbers?

I also have off tomorrow as well, so the same thing I’ve been doing all day today, is going to be my tomorrow. Which is going through a pattern to get things done.

Basically, what I’ve been doing today is this:

Write 500 words, blog hop 4 blogs, write 500 words, blog hop 4 blogs, organize/write a few notes, write 500 words, blog hop 4 blogs, write 500 words…

You get the picture.

It’s been working for me too. I was behind by a whole week of Sunday Snippet blog hopping and I got all caught up today with it. (Someone in my cabin can’t keep taunting me with it anymore now either. *Cough cough* P.T. *Cough*) I also started on this week Sunday’s snippets. Didn’t get through many of them yet, but I have started which is a good thing and I will finish them up tomorrow as well.

All together, I think I went through that pattern about six or seven times today. Which is good, it means I got stuff done. My 6.5k proves that, not to mention going through probably about 30 blog hops. Plus doing some notes and getting a bit organized.

This maddened streak hasn’t been without its slight bumps though. The beginning of today’s writing started off finishing up Chapter 5. Let me say now, Chapter 5 was almost like a filler chapter, one of those info packed ones that build upon what’s going to come and what’s laid out before the MC. I am not good at these kind of chapters, I end up repeating myself it seems or missing pieces.

First off, I know I got my villain’s rule order mixed up. I realized rule number four should of been rule number two. Which meant rule number two should of been three, and three should of been four… Then I realized that screwed up how that bit in the scene played out. Of course my lack of sleep writing the beginning of this chapter the other night made it kind of crappy to begin with.

Basically, I pretty much know this whole chapter needs to be rewritten and reworked. Not to mention I feel like I’m forgetting a very important rule of my villains that I just can’t quite put my finger on right now. (Watch, it’ll come to me five chapters done the line and I’ll have an epiphany before hurriedly jotting it down somewhere. This chapter in my notes currently has about four sticky notes plastered over it for the changes.)

Oh well, those changes are going to wait till the editing rounds and I know I’m going to need some fresh eyes on those when I go through a rewrite. I think I need to plan this chapter out in a little more detailed other than a rough summary, too, before tackling it again. Once more though, that is waiting till the editing rounds come about. Or at least until Camp is over.

Other than that bump in my road though, I have steamrolled along. The end of Chapter 5 came easier than the start and my little mishap on rules. Now Chapter 6 has just been flowing like someone turned the faucet on all the way.

I had made a mini goal at the start of Monday to have hit 20k by the time I went back┬áto work on Wednesday. Yeah… I think I might hit that little goal before I even go to bed tonight, considering it’s just over 1k to write, and that’s normally what I do once midnight comes around.

Go me though! I’ll definitely be upping my goal from 31k to 50k within the next week I think. Pretty soon I’m going to have to plan out some new chapters, I only planned up to Chapter 8 at the beginning of Camp.

For now, it’s back to the races of writing (and trying to make sure my characters don’t throw me any more surprises, like my villain did in Chapter 5 — which might have been what screwed me up. It didn’t go according to plan).