Sparks Of Genius Called Shower Writing

So on Tuesday I had mentioned I was had finished a scene and chapter finally, but that I couldn’t remember where I had wanted the next chapter to go. Mostly because idiot me didn’t write it down ten minutes before I went to bed.

Well, my spark of genius must have returned because I remembered where I wanted that next chapter to go yesterday.

While I was in the shower oddly enough.

Maybe not oddly though. I seem to get ideas a lot when I’m in the shower, or I actually start writing a scene in my head when I’m in there. I call it shower writing, and hoping I don’t forget by the time I get out of the shower what I had just written in my head.

Forget singing in the shower, I play out scenes in my head while I’m in the shower.

Which can be kind of odd when I suddenly burst out laughing at something I thought of and someone hears me from outside the bathroom door.

Oh well. What can you do sometimes?

So now that I remember where I wanted the chapter to go (minus a few details I need to work out, which will probably just fall in place when I start writing it) I can get back to work on it. However, I work the next three days in a row so I don’t think I’ll be doing much. At least I get three days off after that though!

And I did write down where I wanted this chapter to go so I don’t forget, again.

Sometimes I actually do learn from my mistakes and idiocy. Sometimes.

Remember me saying on Tuesday I also wanted to keep up with the 1k-A-Day Challenge?

Yeah… About that…

I may have, sort of, kind of already fallen behind…

I’m not even sure what happened. I had two days off since then but I just sort of forgot? Okay, wrong wording. I think it was that I was relaxing more than I should have been and got distracted by the internet. Facebook is a major time suck. So is Wattpad. It’s Facebook more for me though. I can multi task with Wattpad, not with Facebook. It seems like it should be the other way around but it’s not for me.

Either way, I have a couple hours before work and while I have to eat ready, and eat something yet, I might have some time to squeeze in some words. Or at least get some other things out of the way. Then when I get home tonight I can get working on the next chapter.

Those are the plans. Now let’s see if I stick to them.

Author Problems

You know that moment when you have a random conversation about your best story ideas with a fellow author and it reminds you of a short story you wrote for a contest over a year ago?

Which, because of plot bunnies running wild (or maybe they were given fertility drugs), turned into the first chapter of a novel.

A novel I have not worked on since then.

That I am now reading again to see what I wrote.

And that is now nagging at me to write more of it again.

As if I don’t have ENOUGH ideas in my head. I’ve already got one particularly nasty villain yelling at me to finish the scene I’m on in her story because she’s enjoying it, and the protagonist begging me to end it and her suffering.

Now I also have a character I haven’t heard in awhile yelling at me to get back to work on her story, plus a second one as well that wants to know how she does in her story, and…


I can’t win…

They are quite persistent and noisy up there.

The good news is, I finally did manage to finish the scene the first villain and hero were yelling at me to work on. It ended up being another 2.3k words, making the chapter 14 pages long, but for a first draft I think it turned out alright.

Only now, my problem is figuring out where the next chapter needs to go. I think I have an idea, though.

Sort of.


Kind of.

Eh, I need to think on it a bit more first. I know I had an idea on it the night before, and because idiot me didn’t write it down, it’s slipped my mind a little. I bet if I re-read the end of the chapter I’ll remember. (I hope.)

But I’m writing, at least! That’s the main goal and accomplishment here.

With the beginning of the month here again, I’m going to try again for the 1k-A-Day-Challenge a friend presented to me, and I was crazy enough to want to do.

We shall see how it goes, again, for the…fourth? attempt. I lost track honestly.

If I plan to keep it up, I need about 700 words today to stay on track. Which doesn’t seem like much. If I can just remember where I wanted the next chapter to go…

And I just now realized I never started on those notes for Darkness Becomes Her either. I have the notebook all set up for them, I still have pages bookmarked in a reference book by a bunch of pens sticking out of it. (Because as a writer I grab the first thing available to me to use. Which happened to be pens.) Each time though I go to write more instead of doing the notes.

Go figure.

I think this needs to be one of those things where I just sigh and go hashtag author problems.

(And I hate hashtags.)