Snippet Sunday: June 28, 2015

I am running uber late this time for Snippet Sunday. Was away all weekend on a vacation that wore me out even more from my seven day straight work period and I’m barely keeping my eyes open now I’m so exhausted. So if this really doesn’t make sense or you find typos, just remember I feel like a walking zombie right now.


Snippet Sunday

I am still going to continue on with my work from Camp NaNoWriMo, Darkness Becomes Her. A dark fantasy novel in the works yet. (And is also going to be my project for this coming Camp in two days. Soooo not ready.)

Picking up right where I left off from last week’s snippet. The scary woman Heather is facing in her bedroom from a very real nightmare is throwing her around and hurting her. Heather is, of course, terrified beyond belief. To make sense of what the woman is asking of her, she had just demanded that Heather not make one more sound or plea to be let go.

Please still keep in mind that since this is a first draft, it is rather rough and unedited yet. (Some sentences may have been creatively punctuated to fit the ten sentence limit.)

“Understood?” she snapped sharply this time. Heather cried as she nodded, wanting to avoid the unexplainable pain she kept feeling.

“Good,” she grinned wickedly, but she was annoyed and disgusted by the child’s constant crying already: that was a weakness and a fear she would need beat out of her quickly. She pulled out a piece of cloth and releasing her grip on the child’s arm, she gagged her, muffling her sounds. After all, she couldn’t have her screaming and crying loudly outside when she left.

“Time to go,” she hissed, grabbing her roughly once more before the same swirl of black mist formed around the two of them.

When it faded once more there was nobody left in the room. The silence of the rest of household hadn’t even been disturbed, not a single peep of their daughter’s screams and pleading had been heard; not even the dog outside her door had heard the commotion that went on inside the room. Everything was untouched, left peacefully. The only signs of the scene that had just gone on where the rumbled sheets upon the bed and the teddy bear that laid on the floor where the small child had been forced to drop it.

I am debating if this might be my last excerpt from Darkness Becomes Her at the moment. This scene marks the end of chapter 1 and with Camp going — and the fact that I have used this work for awhile now in snippets — that I may switch it up and move on to a different work. I’m thinking I might. So for those of you that will want to know what happens to Heather, you just might have to wait and find out. Gotta love cliff hangers. ;)

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