No Rest For The Weary… Er, Wicked

So it’s my first day off after a seven day straight work period. A period I liked to call Hell Week. (Appropriate right?)

And it’s not even a sit back and relax day off. It’s a I-got-a-lot-to-do kind of day off.

Work seven days straight, get three off for a weekend vacation, and then back to work Monday.


Not really.

You know I’ve been working a lot when my hands have blisters and my feet hurt from walking so much. But one thing is for sure, I’m going to love that next paycheck.

Since I’ve been working almost non-stop (I should have just ate, slept, and played in my work clothes for the past week) I haven’t had really any time to myself to do anything. My writing has fallen behind, drastically. I know I’m not going to make goal for the month at all. Though I have managed to somehow keep my room/desk decently organized.

Not sure how I managed that one.

However, this weekend vacation has a very high chance (like 100% high) of being rained on all day tomorrow camping. Which is really, really going to suck since it’s an amazing campground. My fingers are crossed it by some miracle misses us but I’m not holding my breath.

If I do get rained on, I’ve got plenty of time to read and write though! And since Camp NaNo starts in five days, I need that time to get organized for it.

Although, I need to write the journal entry for the last camping trip I had a month ago yet.

Yeah, about that…

Can you tell how much I’ve been working that I’m so far behind?

So here’s to hoping I get lucky and have an amazingly nice weekend to enjoy the trip. And here’s hoping I get caught up on things. Because when I come back this weekend, my work schedule isn’t going to be much different in terms of having any time to get anything done. I’ll have one more day off, then work five in a row. All long hours.

But hey, at least I remembered to write this before I left! Now I just have to remember to do my Sunday Snippet over the weekend — if I have Wi-Fi access.

And now it’s back to doing a million things at once to get ready.

There really is no rest for the weary.

Or maybe it’s no rest for the wicked in my case…

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