Light A Fire Under Me

The second Camp NaNoWriMo starts in a week again and once more I am crazy enough to dive into it.

Just like last Camp, I’m going to be working on the same fantasy novel that I’m taking snippets from on Sundays, Darkness Becomes Her. I just have to make sure I know where I’m going with it.

Well, let’s put it this way.

I know the beginning of the book, and I know how the book is going to end. Now it’s just a matter of figuring out all of the middle. Which, I have a majority of the big plots and scenes already rattling around in my head. I just have to sort them out and put them in the right order. Somehow.

As for the goal I set myself, I’m pretty sure I’m crazy.

As a way to get myself really motivated and going, I’m setting my goal for 31k. Part of the 1k-A-Day challenge I wanted to do for so many months already and have yet to make that goal for the month. I’m hoping that Camp is going to let the fire under my ass to actually stick to it fully this coming month.

I had originally opted for a 25k goal, but I’m daring enough (and probably crazy enough) to up it to try for that 1k-A-Day.

I’ll see how it goes this time around.

Hopefully, and I mean fingers-crossed-hopefully, that I can get some more writing done before July starts. Considering I have a journal entry I need to write before Friday and I have a whole bunch of other things going on, I’m not sure just how much I’m going to get done. I haven’t been getting anything done for the past week.

I think it all boils down to the fact that:

1) I need a break, badly.


2) Someone really needs to light a fire under my ass or start nagging the hell out of me to keep on things. Or maybe I need to light the fire and someone needs to keep it lit for me.