Magical Creatures Galore

Mythical. Magical. Mystical.

The joys, and hardships, of writing a fantasy novel when you find yourself trying to create a creature.

I have two creatures I already have planned out and made, but I feel like I should be making some more. I have an idea for one, but I can’t seem to get how I want it to look just yet. This is where I really wish I was better at drawing freehand so I could sketch these ideas out.

But I’m not that good.

I can only draw when I have a reference picture. And if I’m creating a creature, I’m damn sure I won’t find a reference of it anywhere.

For this one I’m doing though, I’ve got the notion that I want its power to be able to put its prey in a trance like state from…something. I haven’t figured out what yet. Kind of like the Pied Piper does. The problem is figuring out the rest. (I.E. size, type of creature, looks, where in this made up world they will reside, nocturnal or not, etc. etc.)

Actually, by saying that, I think I just figured out I want this one to be nocturnal, makes it spookier for the trance like state. I believe I plan to make it a water and land creature as well, somehow. Maybe. I don’t know.

Then of course there’s the problem about what to call it.


I’m probably getting ahead of myself now.

This is the fun, yet frustrating part of writing fantasy. You can do literally anything with it. But it also takes so much more work because you are creating everything from scratch. Maybe that’s why I love fantasy so much though. You can play around with it a lot to get the desired effect you want. Plus, it can make for some really interesting plots.

Either way, I think I’m going to keep brainstorming up ideas for creatures as I write. Even though they really aren’t needed just yet.

And I just gave myself a new plot bunny.