Snippet Sunday: June 7, 2015

I am still going to continue on with my work from Camp NaNoWriMo, Darkness Becomes Her. A dark fantasy novel in the works yet.

Picking up right from where I left off in last week’s snippet. The figure that just appeared in the child’s room is looking down at Heather.

Please still keep in mind that since this is a first draft, it is rather rough and unedited yet. (Some sentences may have been creatively punctuated to fit the ten sentence limit.)

Heather stirred in her sleep and rolled over so that her back was to the woman standing by her bedside, completely oblivious to the fact she was not alone in her room anymore.

The woman chuckled a little darkly to herself before leaning over the small child, close to her ear; she grasped Heather’s arm, her long nails digging into her arm painfully. “Wake up, mortal,” she whisper-hissed. “You’re going for a little trip.”

Heather woke up immediately, whimpering from the pain in her arm, wondering if it was just part of the dream she had been having; until her eyes latched onto the woman hovering over her. They widened in surprise and terror and she was about to scream and yell for her parents when the woman clapped her other free hand over her mouth, silencing her.

She tsked, still holding her tightly. “No screaming, they cannot help you now as it is. Be a good mortal and stay silent for your mentor,” she sneered wickedly. “She doesn’t like it when her Heir disobeys.”

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