Snippet Sunday: May 31, 2015

I am still going to continue on with my work from Camp NaNoWriMo, Darkness Becomes Her. A dark fantasy novel in the works yet.

I’m skipping ahead a decent bit from last week’s snippet. This is now on to chapter one of the story. From here on out, it is written in third person point of view. I skipped the beginning scene of this chapter which was the little girl’s birthday party. This is picking up right after the end of that day.

Please still keep in mind that since this is a first draft, it is rather rough and unedited yet. (Some sentences may have been creatively punctuated to fit the ten sentence limit. I think I might be one sentence over though. It’s so hard to get a good scene in ten sentences.)

With the household all asleep — the child sleeping peacefully in bliss, and parents tuckered out and asleep down the hall — all was quiet from within in the middle of the night. It was a normal scene, until a peculiar black mist started to form in the corner of the child’s room; it swirled ominously, growing in volume until it suddenly dissipated, revealing a figure clad in black clothes, her face hidden by the hood of a cloak.

The figure looked up to the sleeping child, a wicked grin splitting her face under the hood. She was just as she had been months ago: still so, so innocent and naïve. She silently stalked up to the side of the bed, looking down at the girl. The smile of happiness on the child’s face while she slept made her sneer in disgust; it was no matter though, that smile would soon be gone.

She had waited so long for this chance, she’d waited months on end for this perfect chance, and now she finally had it; her legacy was laying right in front of her, she was sure of it this time. The others had been failures, but this girl — this girl would not be a failure. She could feel it, like a sixth sense; she needed only to do this right, and she’d have her Heir.

The figure reached a hand out to Heather’s face, black painted long nails grazing across her cheek and making the girl shiver like she was cold, snuggling up more with the blankets and her bear.

“So innocent…” she trailed, her voice slithering through the darkness.

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