Things have been kind of stressful for me since Friday. A lot has gone on that’s left a lot on my mind.

For one, all the things I had fallen behind on I have not yet caught up on, and at this rate I’m probably going to abandon catching up on them.


Two, a lot is about to change for me and it’s got me nervous and edgy. Lost in my own thoughts lately, weighing out pros and cons, worrying and wondering if I’ve made a right decision. Or if I’m just fearing the unknown and going out of my comfort zone and what I’ve become accustomed too.

Who knows?

It’s going to be a lot going on at once in the next couple weeks. I’m hoping desperately that I can keep up with everything I’m trying to do, along with adding some more things to it as well. There’s only two weekends left until I start camping again too so that’s adding to my work load as well as I need to get ready for that.

Mainly, I need to get my camping journal and everything else set up for it. Not to mention help clean the camper and get it ready.

My desk and room has once more gotten out of control and is in dire need of cleaning.

It’s just…


I need to find a way to balance myself and all the changes and such that are about to come my way. Something I’m not entirely sure on how to do. My novel has been nagging at me in the back of my head too, telling me to get back to work on it. Something that is becoming increasingly tempting, though I still know I need to get some notes written down for it.

Not to mention I’ve been wanting to write an entry in my journal to try to sort out some of my thoughts from the past weekend.

Maybe I’ll do those things tonight, and hopefully try to straighten up my desk and room.

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