Falling Behind

Well, in my final mad dash to make goal for Camp last week, I neglected quite a few things. And I have yet to get caught back up.

It was mainly the club I belong to that I have fallen behind on, and once I fall behind there it is near impossible to catch back up. I think I have six or seven things I have to write for it, which is going to take me forever. Since I did fall behind on that too, I’ve been trying to catch up on that instead of keeping up on writing Darkness Becomes Her.

So I’ve pretty much screwed myself.


No surprise there.

I had planned to get a lot done today, but I’m now ending up having to work since the next new girl can’t do today. (My fingers are crossed she doesn’t quit like the last one and leave me stranded again.) At least it’s a really short shift for me this time around though. Though I still wish I had the whole day off.

My hope is to get a bit organized before I head out to work, that way once I get off I can just dive right in and tackle some things. No idea if that’s going to work though. It normally doesn’t.

I’m starting to think I need a new system so I stop falling behind. Or maybe I just need more motivation, or routine. Something that I can’t ever seem to get.

If only work allowed me some downtime that I could bring something along with me to do.

If only.

2 thoughts on “Falling Behind

  1. I’m struggling to stay even on writing goals, too. You’re not alone.

    Maybe try something like 500 words of novel and two days worth of club work until you get caught up on club stuff. Or is there someone else who can take over the club stuff or at least split it with you?


    • Must be that after Camp hangover. LOL.
      I thought about that. The stuff for the club takes me forever, but that does sound like a good idea. I get so distracted easily, or sidetracked by multitasking with other things. Or I get worn out from writing summaries.
      There is one other person that helped me out before, I just… I’m weird. I don’t like to ask for help or inconvenience others. When I start something, I like it to be just me. Must by my OCD on organization and such.


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