Snippet Sunday: May 3, 2015

Camp NaNoWriMo ended and I am proud to say I made my goal! Since last week’s snippet came from my WiP for Camp, I’m going to continue on forwards with that here this week.

I am picking up with Darkness Becomes Her but I am jumping ahead a little bit in the prologue. This is still in the villain’s point of view. For explanation purposes, someone just appeared to my villain as she is still watching the child right before this dialogue started. And Cruor is the villain’s wolfhound (which is basically a sort of made up creature, more like a cross between a wolf and a dog, but much larger).

Please still keep in mind that since this is a first draft, it is rather rough and unedited yet. (Some sentences may have been creatively punctuated to try to fit the ten sentence limit. I think I am a few sentences over though. It’s so hard to get a scene that makes sense into ten small sentences.)

“What do you want?” I snapped coldly, glaring at him. If only looks could literally kill without the help of magic. Cruor snarled again, a rather terrifying sound to my pleasure.

He held his arms up in a sort of surrender, as if that would make me less inclined to sick Cruor on him: He wished. “Please, do not target this girl; she does not deserve to have this life ripped from her, for that I know you will do.”

I scoffed, “What is it to you? Why bother if I take another to be my Heir?”

“It isn’t right, none of them deserved that which you did to them. I ask you leave this girl in peace, allow her to live happily in the world which she belongs. Give up this pointless quest of acquiring a heir; too many have suffered and you have made no new headway in the matter. Please, just accept to not have one and forget this notion.”

Cruor growled, advancing a step towards him and his eyes flicked to the wolfhound. I sneered at him as if he was a bug I could squash under my boot. “Pointless quest, you say?” my voice turning deadly like steel, “Be it maybe you do not know that which I am accomplishing by acquiring the right Heir.”

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11 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday: May 3, 2015

  1. 2nd attempt to post (the internet disconnected before)
    I was a tad confused at first about the person the villain was addressing but after re-reading your intro, I understood. Sounds very mysterious and intriguing.

    Liked by 1 person

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