Snippet Sunday: May 3, 2015

Camp NaNoWriMo ended and I am proud to say I made my goal! Since last week’s snippet came from my WiP for Camp, I’m going to continue on forwards with that here this week.

I am picking up with Darkness Becomes Her but I am jumping ahead a little bit in the prologue. This is still in the villain’s point of view. For explanation purposes, someone just appeared to my villain as she is still watching the child┬áright before this dialogue started. And Cruor is the villain’s wolfhound (which is basically a sort of made up creature, more like a cross between a wolf and a dog, but much larger).

Please still keep in mind that since this is a first draft, it is rather rough and unedited yet. (Some sentences may have been creatively punctuated to try to fit the ten sentence limit.┬áI think I am a few sentences over though. It’s so hard to get a scene that makes sense into ten small sentences.)

“What do you want?” I snapped coldly, glaring at him. If only looks could literally kill without the help of magic. Cruor snarled again, a rather terrifying sound to my pleasure.

He held his arms up in a sort of surrender, as if that would make me less inclined to sick Cruor on him: He wished. “Please, do not target this girl; she does not deserve to have this life ripped from her, for that I know you will do.”

I scoffed, “What is it to you? Why bother if I take another to be my Heir?”

“It isn’t right, none of them deserved that which you did to them. I ask you leave this girl in peace, allow her to live happily in the world which she belongs. Give up this pointless quest of acquiring a heir; too many have suffered and you have made no new headway in the matter. Please, just accept to not have one and forget this notion.”

Cruor growled, advancing a step towards him and his eyes flicked to the wolfhound. I sneered at him as if he was a bug I could squash under my boot. “Pointless quest, you say?” my voice turning deadly like steel, “Be it maybe you do not know that which I am accomplishing by acquiring the right Heir.”

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