New month, new start. Let’s see if I can get back on track this month and not forget when I’m supposed to be posting a blog post.


Happy May! And Blessed Beltane!

April’s Camp NaNoWriMo has officially ended, and guess what?



It was a mad dash to the finish line but I made goal, with three hours to spare as well. I think the beginning part to the novel needs a good bit of polishing. (Chapters 1 and 2 specifically, the prologue is alright, and chapter 3 is coming along decently.) But at least the words are out of my head and written down now. I can always go back to edit once I get the first draft down.

I’m a little disappointed with myself that I didn’t do my original goal of 20k like I had wanted to, but I am still proud I made the 15k goal I dropped myself down to. The story is flowing rather well so far, the ideas are still coming even as I try to plan out for how my character’s life plays out. It’s a little tricky though. I might try to work some things out or at least a temporary timeline that can be changed.

But first, I need to write out the notes I didn’t write while I was making that mad dash. I didn’t want it to slow me down on my word count so I let it slide until NaNo ended. I mean, it’s only 15k words and 30 pages worth I need to go through to take my notes. Most of which I think I can write from memory. This is the story that’s been brewing in my head for years, after all. I know all the big events by heart and soul. It’s just all the minor details and certain instances I now need to work out. Along with putting it into words.

That’s for another time though.

With Camp over, I should have more time to get things done again. Like catching up on the things I let slide to make goal in the past few days. And I would also like to try for that 1k-A-Day Challenge of my friend’s again. Since I totally blew it beginning of this year.

I find I work better with deadlines though. Deadlines I can’t change. Like Camp NaNo. I wish I could find something like that elsewhere. Somewhere I could set a deadline or goal that I can’t change, and if met, I get things like the winner goodies in Camp hand out. Little banners or certificates, even just a picture would make me feel proud. I need more than self motivation and determination. I need a push from the outside.

A BIG push sometimes.

We shall see I guess. (Considering work is still kicking my butt now that I’m the only one who can work weekday morning shifts, for the past three weeks.)

Speaking of work… I should sleep then since I work tomorrow morning.

Here’s to a new month and a new goal and start!