Snippet Sunday: April 26, 2015

So I haven’t done one of these in over a month. Things caught up to me and I just kind of slacked off but now I’m back! And I’m totally switching things up this week!

Since Camp NaNoWriMo is going on right now and I’m participating in it, as another way to motivate myself, my snippet is going to come from the piece I’m working on for Camp. It’s from my novel (that’s going to be the first book in a series) titled Darkness Becomes Her. It’s a dark fantasy novel, and the baby series I have been nursing in my head for years.

Keep in mind, since I am writing this for Camp now, this is completely rough and unedited. My goal right now is just getting the words down on the paper, er, screen. This snippet is coming from the prologue of the novel, by the point of view of my villain.

(Some sentences may have been creatively punctuated to try to fit the ten sentence limit. But really, in the end I gave up trying to make the scene I wanted into ten sentences. It’s much longer. My bad.)

There was something…different about her, something unique that set her apart. I could feel something lurking down inside her, something that with the right lesson could be set free: She wasn’t like the other humans.

The girl was too naïve, too happy, too…innocent?


Yes. That was it. She was innocent, knowing nothing of sadness or pain yet; knowing nothing of the darkness that lurked in the shadows, the forces that no good could drive out.

And that was what had caught my attention about her.

I knew she wouldn’t be like the others. All of them, failures. A few of them had come close to what I desired and was searching for, yes. However, in the end, they all failed. Either greed, rebellion, or weakness taking over them. They tried to hold onto who they believed they were, or they fell too easily. They had also been a lot older than this girl; they already had a mind of their own, their own morals and values, their own thought process of right and wrong.

All unlike the girl before me.

She was much younger, only about three and a half. She was less corrupted by morals or values she knew nothing of yet. She was innocent; and innocence could be broken, changed, and turned into wickedness if done right.

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One Hell of a Comeback

So it’s been almost a whole month since I did a blog post.

Part of that was being really busy. Work swamped me lately. Part of it is just other things going on. And the rest is… Well, I’ve been quite forgetful lately. I’d remember, “Oh! It’s Tuesday, I need to do a post!” But then when I would think of it would be late and I’d need to sleep and the next thing I know, by the time I remember again, it’s after midnight on Wednesday. Story of my life.

My last post (on March 31st) was about Camp NaNoWriMo about to kick off. And now it’s coming to an end, less than a week left to write for the event.

I had originally set my goal to 20k, but with everything that’s been going on in my life, I actually didn’t start writing for Camp until a few days ago. A fire finally lit under my butt and I scolded myself, refusing to give up and fail outright without even trying to make goal and write. Also, because I thought I wasn’t going to make that goal, I dropped it to 15k a few days before the winning began.

Right now, I’m a little bit over 3k. Thankfully though, I have the next two days off so I plan to get a lot done and caught up so I don’t have too much to do in the final homestretch days.

It’s going to be one hell of a comeback win! I will make this goal, I will not fail.

Now that I’ve started writing it as well, I’m really excited about the story again. I’m writing a series that’s literally been bouncing around in my head for years. I want to just dive right in and keep plugging along but there are so many things that need done as well. (The same pile of laundry has been sitting in my room for probably over a week now. That’s unusual for me. Though I did say I’ve been really busy and overwhelmed…)

Now that I’ve also got myself back on some sort of track, I plan to start keeping up with blog posts again so I don’t randomly fall off the face of the Earth down into a hole again like I just did. And I think to give myself a little more motivation, I’m going to post my Sunday Snippet from the novel I just started for Camp.

Back to writing now! Must not slack off! Must make goal and win!