Not Enough Hours In A Day

Remember me saying last week I should hopefully have two days off come Thursday?


That went down the drain rather quickly.

The person that I thought either just up and quit or got fired really is gone so that meant I had to take her shifts. The two days off I was supposed to have turned into work a day, off a day, work two days in a row again. It would have been work four days in a row, but thankfully, me and another coworker split the two shifts I would have had to pick up. So I get one more day off this week.

It’s still not enough.

I’ve become so far behind on so many things, it’s ridiculous. Today was my day off and I didn’t get nearly as much done as I wanted to. In fact, I got mostly sidetracked. And I now also have until the end of March to get something else done or I won’t be living down teasing from my family.

I believe it’s safe to say I’m stressed out too much anymore. Too many things weighing heavily on my mind lately. Not enough hours in the day. Not enough days in the week. Not enough weeks in the month. Not enough months in the year…

A week long vacation sounds nice right about now.

And now I have a feeling I might be pulling an almost all-nighter to get caught up on some things, even though I have to work in the morning.


At least Friday is the first day of spring. That’s about the only good thing I got going for me right now.

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